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Church was good, the orchestra and choir both were present for praise and worship and the beauty of the music sank in deep.  I can feel God’s hand in our lives and some kind of metamorphosis occurring in my heart.  I feel so blessed and want my life to be a praise offering.  In my head and heart I have been mulling over the difference between knowing what is right and doing it.  As we continue on this path which we have been called how can we honor God in our daily lives, and serve those around us.

On the way out of service we stopped by the library and picked out some more videos.  We had watched all of the missionary videos available so we picked out some Ken Ham ones and Hermie and friends, we are going to miss the church library.

We ate a later lunch and then took turns playing songs on the tin whistle, the kids pulled out the felt and did some sewing, trying to make a case for Hannah’s new harmonica that she bought with tracker tickets from the church store. Eve and Caleb did some sword fighting out side. We all went on a family walk and then Chad read to the kids.  After bed time we watched Already Gone, A message by Ken Ham, based off of his book with the same title about why he believes record numbers of children from Christian homes are leaving the church.  There are so many thoughts in my head and on my heart….

In a completely different direction, I have an aunt who has fought a long fight with cancer and will be meeting her maker soon.  We would appreciate prayers for her grown kids and grandkids as well as her parents.  May they find peace and be comforted in the arms of their Father God.


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Sunday, Sunday…I love that day!

We are going to the 11o’clock service here in Neenah and so Sunday mornings are slower paced and relaxing.  We got up late, everyone got a shower, we girls had time to get all pretty, and even put on some perfume left over from my trip to Europe in 2000.  It’s amazing that it still smells good, but it does.






The sermon was on Ecclesiastes and was an amazing message that had me re reading it after dinner, so I could take better notes and really understand the whole thing.  After church we went out to Indian food.  Mmmmm so yummy.




After lunch we headed home and changed our clothes then talked to the land lord and his wife as they were cleaning the neighboring apartment to get it ready for the next tenants.  They are tearing out the cabinets and linoleum, and the wife said that the demolition is the best part.  She was elbow deep in her project, and all smiles, and she kind of reminded me of my mother.  We then headed to the library to get our books for this next week of school, and the Walmart for groceries.  When we got home and everything was put away, Caleb washed all of the dishes, Hannah and I folded the clothes and straitened the Living room, and Chad and Eve cleaned the kid’s room and straitened the upstairs.  When we were all done with our job the kids fended for themselves for dinner, which looked like tacos and grapes.  We watched a missionary movie about Papua New Guinea that was pretty interesting, and took us until 7:01pm, bed time.  Chad watched J. A. G. while I did my reading and took Myra for a walk.  Then we crashed at 9:00pm.  Pretty restful day in a nutshell.

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Appleton Alliance Church

It was much harder to find a church here in Neenah area than in Farmington.  Most were Lutheran, Catholic, or really emphasized speaking in tongues on their “about us” web pages.  The nearest Nazarene churches were over an hour away.  Then Chad found Appleton Alliance, which is a huge church, 3,700 people attend Sunday morning services, with three services and a very focused kids department, which included AWANAs.  I know we won’t be around for the whole year, but that is something we have always done for school and I was so glad to have found a church that hosts it.  The first Sunday went well.  The kids department help desk was very helpful, and the kids found their classes, had fun, and learned stuff.  After church, the kids checked out books from the children’s library (still at the church) then we headed to the car to drive around town a bit more.  After finding Appleton Medical Center, the other hospital where I will be working (two hospitals I am nervous about that) and having lunch, we decided to drive around Lake Winnebago which took the rest of the afternoon.  I think everything is in order for starting tomorrow, now if only I could quiet my nerves, get rid of this headache and get a bit of rest… if only.  I would appreciate any and all prayers for tomorrow and this first week to go smoothly.

Our bed so homey and reminds us of our friends back home, Thank you Shari for the pillow cases, and Lara for the quilt.  They go with us everywhere.

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A Day of Rest

It was sad to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Sherman this morning.  It has been fun to share our new life with them, even if it was just for two days.  They watched the kids while Chad was in Honduras, and then brought them back, for which we are so grateful.
Church was good, Bible study was about faith as an action word, and the main service sermon was about the shield of faith, which was so appropriate as we have been learning about the armor of God.  We set up a play date for the kids with the friends they have made here.  They happen to be siblings and also homeschoolers.  It would have been fun to meet their parents earlier, as they seem like very fun people.  We have kind of started saying our goodbyes as we only have one more Sunday here which is such a weird feeling.
After Church, we opted for something that sounded fun, but completely away from our normal diet…apples, cheese, and crackers.  Caleb helped me pick out two kinds of unique artisan cheeses, Hannah picked out the apples deciding on Fuji, Granny Smith, and Red Delicious, Eve picked out the crackers, we checked out and headed home.  Lunch was fun as we took turns paring different kinds of cheese with different slices of apples.
It has been quite a while since we have had an afternoon nap, but what better way to spend our day of rest.  The kids all slept, with Me and Eve being the last ones up at nearly 6:00pm.  So late, we must have really needed our rest.
May we wish you all a good week.

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Proud daddy

Today I had the honor off watching my older two kids be baptized.

Kids baptizim:

With tears running down my face I could not help but to think that nothing makes me a prouder parent.


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Honduras day 8

We finished the project today.  It was so exciting to see how grateful the pastor was.  It was truly a good experience to finish a project for the church.



Our before and after pics.

I strongly encourage everyone to go on a mission trip. It is a life changing experience.

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Honduras day 7

We did it!  We have a concrete floor in the church.  It consisted of loading the mixer with 15 gallons of water, 7 cubic feet of sand, and 100 lbs of cement, then repeat.  That is what the whole day consisted of.  It was hard work but rewarding.  That was also the project that Bob our missionary coordinator wanted accomplished by our team. Tomorrow we hope to finish up the platform at the front of the church.

I feel blessed that we have done so much while we are here.  Also thankful for the great group of guys that we have on the trip.  The project that we have been working on was just the right size, and within the skill set of our team members. Thank you God for the wonderful plans that he has for us all.


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Honduras day 5

Sunday, time to head out for church.  We started off by heading up into the hills and through the jungle to go to our morning service.


When we got there, we met outside of a small building, and just had some of the people gather around for service.  I was so glad for the opportunity.



It was refreshing to to see God working in this community.

We asked the pastor how many people where up in that community and he told us about 500.  It is great that God has called him there.

In the evening, we went to the church that we are helping build.  They are currently meeting in a house up the road. They are in need of the new building.  They would have been in the streets if we had not been there.

What a great day to see and meet the people and community that we are helping!


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