Sunday, Sunday…I love that day!

We are going to the 11o’clock service here in Neenah and so Sunday mornings are slower paced and relaxing.  We got up late, everyone got a shower, we girls had time to get all pretty, and even put on some perfume left over from my trip to Europe in 2000.  It’s amazing that it still smells good, but it does.






The sermon was on Ecclesiastes and was an amazing message that had me re reading it after dinner, so I could take better notes and really understand the whole thing.  After church we went out to Indian food.  Mmmmm so yummy.




After lunch we headed home and changed our clothes then talked to the land lord and his wife as they were cleaning the neighboring apartment to get it ready for the next tenants.  They are tearing out the cabinets and linoleum, and the wife said that the demolition is the best part.  She was elbow deep in her project, and all smiles, and she kind of reminded me of my mother.  We then headed to the library to get our books for this next week of school, and the Walmart for groceries.  When we got home and everything was put away, Caleb washed all of the dishes, Hannah and I folded the clothes and straitened the Living room, and Chad and Eve cleaned the kid’s room and straitened the upstairs.  When we were all done with our job the kids fended for themselves for dinner, which looked like tacos and grapes.  We watched a missionary movie about Papua New Guinea that was pretty interesting, and took us until 7:01pm, bed time.  Chad watched J. A. G. while I did my reading and took Myra for a walk.  Then we crashed at 9:00pm.  Pretty restful day in a nutshell.

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