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Chad picked me up from my last assignment.  The car was packed to the gills and despite the early time the kids were bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Coffee and some breakfast was our next stop.  I would like to say I stayed awake long enough to see Victorville disappear in the rear view mirror, but I can’t be sure.  Sleep was calling my name quite loudly.  My neck, sore from quirky sleep positions had me waking up periodically to change positions, so the change of scenery was noted every time my eyes popped open.  Just about noon we pulled into Yosemite National Park.  We started at the southern end at Mariposa’s sequoia grove. 

We took a short hike to get some fresh air, stretch our legs, and see a large fallen tree.

The fallen tree was pretty impressive and oh what a beautiful walk to it. 

We hit up the bathrooms and then went in search of an open visitor’s center.  Yosemite village was 35 miles up the road….what a beautiful drive. 

When I am over tired I find myself quite sensitive to the cold so Chad has most of the scenic photos as he would pull over and jump out at every scenic overlook to take pictures.  What a camper and hiker paradise.  We didn’t have time to get out and do any long hikes, but now on our life to do list is spend a good week (at least) hiking different trails in Yosemite including halfdome.  The visitors center was another cold (50 degrees which is normally perfect) half mile walk and was worth the time.  They had several museums, a theater, and a gift store.  

We were sad to leave , and are already making plans to get back.  No wonder it was the first land in the United States set aside to be protected  for the public to enjoy for generations to come.  A grant signed by Lincoln during the civil war in 1864 was a start, and in 1890 it became what it is today through the promotion and renown provided by the popular drawings/writings of John Muir, a national park. 

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Goodbye Victorville

Chad is getting quite good at packing all of our stuff into the car.  It is a big job, and as it falls we usually leave an assignment right after my last shift, so I’m working, sleeping, working go and am of very little help in the packing arena. These last three shifts were perfect, better than I could have hoped for.  And although I am running way low on sleep I feel so blessed to have had the chance to work these last 13 weeks in Victorville.  We are sad to say goodbye to our extended family, new friends, and our time here in Victorville, at the same time, we are so thankful to be headed towards home.  

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2/25 Breakfast with Anne

I’m not exactly sure why we waited so long to go out to breakfast together, but I’m glad we didn’t completely miss our opportunity.  Anne is a young energetic nurse who is solid in her skills and really cares about doing what is right/best for her patients which has made her so fun to work with.  Anne chose a homey breakfast cafe she had been wanting to try.  With the old school warm atmosphere, an omelet, and such good company 7:00am passed then 8:00am.  As it neared 9:00 I got a call from Chad to make sure I was okay. We decided that it would probably be prudent to call it a day, so I could get a little sleep before work came around again.  We hugged goodbye, see you later really, as she has family in Oregon not too far from Salem where we plan to meet again sometime.  Thank you God for putting people along this journey who encourage me to grow in my walk with you.  Thank you Anne for the many memories that will have me smiling for months (maybe years) to come. 

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Strength, Grace & Peace Please

Well we have now spent our last night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for this visit.  As we said goodbye to Grandma she said, “hey, we spent a LOT of time together and didn’t even drive each other nuts.” In a pleasantly surprised tone of voice.  We left Hannah Banana there and they will bring her when they come to pick up their futon and vaccume in Thursday so it isn’t goodbye goodbye yet, but we are all feeling it.  Caleb said, “the universe is unfair.” This will be a hard next three days.  I have dosed up with Tylenol, ibuprofen and coffee just to keep my headache at bay, I’m not sure if it is stress, tiredness, or emotion, but as I sit here in the hospital parking lot getting ready to go in to work I am both so thankful for this journey and praying that God gives us the strength we need for this next couple weeks.  

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Inconvenience me for your purposes

I should number the inconveniences…
1. A change in our Saturday plans = no Mary Beth, no color run, a chance to head home a few days earlier, and visit to Yosemite.
2. A long time friend of Grandma’s landing her self most likely a one way trip to ICU = getting to watch my grandma do what she does best and that is friending the unfriendly, letting no one she knows die alone and getting to be her copilot and support as this is the first dying person she has supported since the death of her own daughter to cancer in November.
3. Needing to take two computer tests mandate we stay one more night with grandma and grandpa the very last one for this assignment and now after several hours on the computer I have three more CEUs and I have a certificate saying I know how to use Pyxis (a med dispensing machine that I have a ton of experience using already) and a completion certificate for the NIHSS Stroke assessment scale test why I will ever need that in labor and delivery is unknown but just in case…,I’m prepared.
4. Hawaii Nursing License- we have been watching for the check to the Hawaii Board of Nursing to be cashed and after two weeks gave them a call to discover that they still have not reviewed my application. This is a problem, they don’t exactly let you work in any state with out the appropriate nursing license. Lucky for us Hawaii offers a temporary nursing license but I have to go to their office in Honolulu to get it. Honolulu just happens to be on a different island than Hilo. So I will need to take a shuttle flight to Oahu on Friday after we arrive so that I can get the necessary temporary license, that won’t be cheap, but there must be a purpose for all of this. May God use it for his glory and may I be patient and not complain.




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A day with Sam all to ourselves!!!

The plan was to go to church then take off for the beach. We had thrown around the idea of going to the tide pools in Monday as it had been recommended by a family in our Full Time Families FaceBook group recently and heck it was a National Monument so it would be free for us to get into. With the day being overcast and not at all warm enough for the kids to swim at the beach, the vote to visit the tide pools a day earlier was unanimous. We had had a big breakfast so for lunch a small muffin and orange was served more as a snack than a lunch and then we hit the road. Since we had six people we borrowed grandma and grandpa’s highlander. The two older kids although disappointed not to be sitting by Samantha did like the cool third row seats. We stopped in La Jolla on our way down to San Diego to see the “Seal Beach/caves”






On our way down to Cabrillo we passed Point Loma Nazarene University, we joked that I should see if they have a CNM program (I haven’t looked yet, but I’m sure they don’t) so I could go to school there. It made me think both of Leah (from the FBC) and Nathan (from Salem Naz) as they attended there for college. The Cabrillo Tide Pools National monument was fun, we had high hopes for the tide pools as most of the free non monument tide pools in Oregon are so awesome this had to be even better. Right? We knew low tide was at 5:35 pm and the park closed at 4:30pm. We got there at 2:30pm right between high and low tide.






This little guy looks related to the trilobite.












The tide pools were kind of a dud. They were fun but nothing compared to Lincoln City, it was unfair to judge since it wasn’t true low tide. The rocks were awesome to climb on, we could have done that alone all day.


There are two light houses on Point Loma, one on the coast guard land.





















We closed down the park, and with our piddley lunch food was our first next stop.
Samantha suggested a place called Stater 50/50 it got its name because it’s signature burger (and most of its burgers) are 50% ground beef and 50% bacon… Yes you heard that right. Crazy business. And it was crazy good. We are going to have to get back to whole foods plant based diet sometime I can feel my veins clogging just thinking about that burger.






We were super sad and reluctant to see Sam go, and oh so thankful that we got this quality time today. We love you Sam and will miss you as we head out at the end of the week.

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Garage Sale day 2

It was good to see that most of the big items at the garage sale found new homes for a fairly decent price. The kids worked hard and enjoyed helping all the new people who visited the garage sale today. Uncle Richard and Marisa came for a while today which kept the slower times from getting boring.




In all we had a lot of fun, grandpa was pleased with the proceeds, and at the end of the sale all but a handful of the remaining items found a new home at the local second hand store called Hidden Treasures. Success on so many levels… Happy grandparents, empty garage, I didn’t get in too much trouble (grandma only asked what I sold a few of the items for), it’s over, and as far as we can tell everyone had fun. I had been praying for the people who came to the garage sale to be blessed by it, but most of all for my grandparents to be blessed and the clean garage goal to be met, so really all the credit is to God! Thanks be given were it is due.

After Grandma got home from work we all got together us, grandma and grandpa, Uncle Richard and Marisa, and Samantha. We invented a new hair style while we waited to be seated.



Dinner was bitter sweet, how will we leave our loved ones in one week. I guess it is better to just not think about it.


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Just Dreaming

Yesterday after finally getting my UDS done we stopped at an RV lot to dream I mean drool. We are inching closer to a year on the road. We now know that we really love not only the job but the whole family bonding experience. We have looked at floor plans for RVs. If we ever got one would we want a fifth wheel, trailer, or Motorhome. Trailers are the most reasonable, but then you have to consider the cost not only initial but in gas mileage of a tow rig big enough to pull a trailer or fifth wheel long enough to have the living space for five people. Hmmmm. Also to consider is the fact that we are stationary for three months at a time and use it as a hub making short trips from there. So maybe the Motorhome with a more efficient tow vehicle would be the best fit for us.
It is a good thing that we aren’t really in the market yet anyway. Dave Ramsey would say that you can not afford something if you can’t pay cash for it and for sure we are not even close to being able to pay cash for a fulltime RV. It was still fun to look and dream.




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Garage Sale day 1

I have been slightly nervous about this garage sale. Helping grandma and grandpa Lawhead is worth the trouble I might get into. The primary goal is to get the garage cleaned out so grandpa has some space to work on the many projects that he is so fond of doing. With it completely packed full of furniture, linens and and other random things just trying to walk through it was a chore. Where I feared I might get into trouble is that there is always some counting of the eggs before they are hatched when pricing and setting up for a garage sale. I didn’t want to disappoint. Grandma agreed that anything remaining after the garage sale would go to goodwill so getting something for items is better than getting nothing and I just hope that she doesn’t come home from work asking how much I got for each individual item. I decided that even if I get in trouble it was worth it if the goal was met.

The dealers (sharks) were here way early, shortly after 7:00am. We had had breakfast already and were just setting up. I wasn’t even sure what all was out there so when people were asking how much for individual stuff it required some fast thinking. They took a lot of things. It was a hopping place until around 10:30 am when we had our first lull. I think we did pretty well. The kids had a blast being personal shoppers for each new person who came to check out the garage sale. They quickly memorized what each thing cost and would find out the prices for people if they showed any interest in the items that they didn’t know the prices for. One lady even tipped Eve for all her help and warm enthusiasm. It was a day of bonding with this very cute grandpa!



Eve got wiped out and took a nap.

We ended up having quite a few attendees and a lot of fun. The garage is pretty empty and all swept out. Now to just keep from letting anything from the sale go back in. That will be the big job for tomorrow.

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One week

We have only three more work days at this assignment. One full weekend, a garage sale, family day at the beach, and a whole lot off packing fill the to do list. Better get busy…

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