Inconvenience me for your purposes

I should number the inconveniences…
1. A change in our Saturday plans = no Mary Beth, no color run, a chance to head home a few days earlier, and visit to Yosemite.
2. A long time friend of Grandma’s landing her self most likely a one way trip to ICU = getting to watch my grandma do what she does best and that is friending the unfriendly, letting no one she knows die alone and getting to be her copilot and support as this is the first dying person she has supported since the death of her own daughter to cancer in November.
3. Needing to take two computer tests mandate we stay one more night with grandma and grandpa the very last one for this assignment and now after several hours on the computer I have three more CEUs and I have a certificate saying I know how to use Pyxis (a med dispensing machine that I have a ton of experience using already) and a completion certificate for the NIHSS Stroke assessment scale test why I will ever need that in labor and delivery is unknown but just in case…,I’m prepared.
4. Hawaii Nursing License- we have been watching for the check to the Hawaii Board of Nursing to be cashed and after two weeks gave them a call to discover that they still have not reviewed my application. This is a problem, they don’t exactly let you work in any state with out the appropriate nursing license. Lucky for us Hawaii offers a temporary nursing license but I have to go to their office in Honolulu to get it. Honolulu just happens to be on a different island than Hilo. So I will need to take a shuttle flight to Oahu on Friday after we arrive so that I can get the necessary temporary license, that won’t be cheap, but there must be a purpose for all of this. May God use it for his glory and may I be patient and not complain.




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