Yellowstone Day Two

I don’t know that any one of us felt overly rested after sleeping so cozy.  Five people in the three man backpacking tent went better when the kids were smaller. We should have set up the second tent, hind sight is 20X20.  We did keep warm though.  Since we had so much left of the park to see we made a plan that would allow us to see a lot of the near the road main portions of the park.  Yellowstone lake is large and beautiful it ripped in the morning light. We stopped in at a little grocery shop for a breakfast of yogurt and cereal. The mud volcano area was interesting we loved it.  Eve would ask the name of every mud pot as we stopped to check it out.  ​


The Grand Canyon of YellowstoneThis hike was wonderful.  It was so beautiful, the canyon was deeper than I had expected, this may be more my favorite part of the park even though the geothermal gysers and mud volcanos are more unique.  We ate a late lunch near Mammoth Hot Springs then explored that end of the park better. On the way out of the park we stopped at the Montana boarder to take a picture!  The kids were so happy to enter their 50th state!  We found our hotel then hit the swimming pool while getting some laundry done.   Chad picked up pizza for dinner then we all crashed. 

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