Yellowstone Day One

The kids have been anticipating this national park since before we even started traveling.  After procuring our camping site at Lewis Lake we headed towards Old Faithful we arived shortly after it erupted and spent the next hour and ten minutes or so waiting on the bleachers for her to blow again.  While we waited we watched many other gysers erupt it was incredible.  Maybe this was my childhood memory, but I remember sitting on wooden benches on a wooden walkway similar to what is there now, but I remember only a single gysers, Old Faithful, out in the middle of a clearing with no trees around it.  I don’t remember nearly as many buildings around it, and there is definately not just one geyser.  They were going off like popcorn in the background as we waited for Old Faithful.  So incredible, we figured we could have walked the whole loop while we waited, but we were eager to see the eruption up close and personal so we didn’t dare step away and risk missing it.​


Well the blog has decided to put the pictures in it’s own order and I won’t fight it this time.  The pictures in the middle came first.  ​​After the first eruption we walked the trails it is all amazing then we settled into the cafeteria at one of the lodges as the crowds gathered for the next Old Faithful show.  

We stayed and checked out the old inn lodge and visitors center.  It was dark before we left.  When we got back to Lewis Lake we found that our campsite was full.  They guys there said they had the wrong date and had taken down our registration.  We said we don’t care if you stay as long as we can use the tent pad.  They said it was their error and found another site we felt bad for kicking them out, but we’re so glad that they were so polite about the mistake and gave us our site back.  We the. Set up our tent in the dark and settled in, but not before ooohing and awwwweing over the massive star display. 

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