Glacier National Park (The Backbone Of The World)

We started out late after letting the kids sleep in just as late as their bodies wanted.  We almost missed breakfast and then we had to repack our bags with all of the clean laundry (two large loads).  Chad and the kids had almost been on the road for two weeks at that point and were out of clean clothes.  There were all kinds of fossil attractions on the road to Glacier as well as big dinosaur sculptures it was very fun to see.    Our car is so filthy.  This is before the kids decided to write all over it in the dirt.  We found fireweed in the lower 48!!! I should do my party dance!The remaining glaciers in the park are expected to be completely gone by 2030.  That is not far from now.  They get smaller and smaller each year. This canyon was so deep and amazing.  You could just stand there and feel so insignificant in it’s vastness.  The pictures do not do it justice. The rocks were purple and pink! Eve was in Heaven!  When we exited the east gate to the park the smoke from the Idaho and Montana fires was thick.  I was hoping we were not planning to go through the areas where they were. We were looking forward to seeing Coeur  D’Alene, but we went through there in the dark. The panhandle of Idaho passed by us quickly.  We did love to hit the time change getting into our hotel around 11:00pm.  

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