Garage Sale day 2

It was good to see that most of the big items at the garage sale found new homes for a fairly decent price. The kids worked hard and enjoyed helping all the new people who visited the garage sale today. Uncle Richard and Marisa came for a while today which kept the slower times from getting boring.




In all we had a lot of fun, grandpa was pleased with the proceeds, and at the end of the sale all but a handful of the remaining items found a new home at the local second hand store called Hidden Treasures. Success on so many levels… Happy grandparents, empty garage, I didn’t get in too much trouble (grandma only asked what I sold a few of the items for), it’s over, and as far as we can tell everyone had fun. I had been praying for the people who came to the garage sale to be blessed by it, but most of all for my grandparents to be blessed and the clean garage goal to be met, so really all the credit is to God! Thanks be given were it is due.

After Grandma got home from work we all got together us, grandma and grandpa, Uncle Richard and Marisa, and Samantha. We invented a new hair style while we waited to be seated.



Dinner was bitter sweet, how will we leave our loved ones in one week. I guess it is better to just not think about it.


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