Just Dreaming

Yesterday after finally getting my UDS done we stopped at an RV lot to dream I mean drool. We are inching closer to a year on the road. We now know that we really love not only the job but the whole family bonding experience. We have looked at floor plans for RVs. If we ever got one would we want a fifth wheel, trailer, or Motorhome. Trailers are the most reasonable, but then you have to consider the cost not only initial but in gas mileage of a tow rig big enough to pull a trailer or fifth wheel long enough to have the living space for five people. Hmmmm. Also to consider is the fact that we are stationary for three months at a time and use it as a hub making short trips from there. So maybe the Motorhome with a more efficient tow vehicle would be the best fit for us.
It is a good thing that we aren’t really in the market yet anyway. Dave Ramsey would say that you can not afford something if you can’t pay cash for it and for sure we are not even close to being able to pay cash for a fulltime RV. It was still fun to look and dream.




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