Garage Sale day 1

I have been slightly nervous about this garage sale. Helping grandma and grandpa Lawhead is worth the trouble I might get into. The primary goal is to get the garage cleaned out so grandpa has some space to work on the many projects that he is so fond of doing. With it completely packed full of furniture, linens and and other random things just trying to walk through it was a chore. Where I feared I might get into trouble is that there is always some counting of the eggs before they are hatched when pricing and setting up for a garage sale. I didn’t want to disappoint. Grandma agreed that anything remaining after the garage sale would go to goodwill so getting something for items is better than getting nothing and I just hope that she doesn’t come home from work asking how much I got for each individual item. I decided that even if I get in trouble it was worth it if the goal was met.

The dealers (sharks) were here way early, shortly after 7:00am. We had had breakfast already and were just setting up. I wasn’t even sure what all was out there so when people were asking how much for individual stuff it required some fast thinking. They took a lot of things. It was a hopping place until around 10:30 am when we had our first lull. I think we did pretty well. The kids had a blast being personal shoppers for each new person who came to check out the garage sale. They quickly memorized what each thing cost and would find out the prices for people if they showed any interest in the items that they didn’t know the prices for. One lady even tipped Eve for all her help and warm enthusiasm. It was a day of bonding with this very cute grandpa!



Eve got wiped out and took a nap.

We ended up having quite a few attendees and a lot of fun. The garage is pretty empty and all swept out. Now to just keep from letting anything from the sale go back in. That will be the big job for tomorrow.

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