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I so forgot my lunch this morning

Working 15 hours yesterday with no lunch break got me home and in bed with enough time to squeeze out six hours of sleep.  The alarm came early, but I was showered and down eating breakfast before usual, which gave me enough time to eat my breakfast sitting down, and believe me my stomach was thankful.  I got out in good time and didn’t have to scrape my windows.  I got to work in good time, and as I climbed our of the car discovered that I had forgotten to grab my lunch out of the refrigerator.  I grabbed my debit card in hopes that the cafeteria would have something I could eat if the opportunity arose to eat a lunch.
Two fresh c/s patient and one antenatal,  two insulin dependent one with a pump.  It was steady.  Very steady.  I walked some serious miles today, and felt like I took good care of my patients.  There was no lull where lunch was possible until after I discharged one antenatal and picked up another one two hours before the end of the shift. I made it down to the cafeteria to discover that at 3:30pm on Saturday the options were sandwiches (no GF bread) pudding, chips, fruit and bottled drinks,  so I had a lunch of champions.
My usual lunch consists of a baked sweet potato, an apple, and an orange with a granola bar for dessert, which I do love, but it was so great to eat a whole meal of crappy food.  Maybe I shouldn’t have enjoyed it so much.  The chocolate pudding was fabulous, with two very small bags of jalapeño chips, then a banana and a bottled Starbucks coffee to follow.  I don’t know if it was the chocolate, the coffee, or the jalapeños but it hit the spot and I was uninterrupted for a whole 30 minutes.  I made it back up stairs, tied up all my loose ends, left all my patients with no immediate needs, taped report and got out on time.  It was such a beautiful thing.  One more day before we switch back to nights for a few weeks.
After dinner I headed up stairs to get ready for bed, this is at 7:40pm, when it dawned on me that I had not gone to the bathroom all day since I woke up at 4:15 am.  Yep, it was busy, but good.  I better drink a liter before bed.  Good night.

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Beautiful Delivery

I did not want a labor this morning, I was less excited when I found out it was a first time mommy, even less when the night shift nurse hinted at back labor.

Can I just say that was the most beautiful birth I have seen in a long time, and one rock star mommy.  So refreshing.

Chad tells me that Eve did great with potty training, and made it to the bathroom for everything today.  Two things to celebrate.

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Preparing for our one week in Salem

The kids were done with their school work including CC review, 5 pages of math, writing their history sentence three times and reading by 10:00 AM.  It was a very good thing, with the car being tied up taking me to work for the next six days, we had some errands to run.  We had to pick up some documents that we had printed at Office Depot then on to Appleton Medical Center to pay for my PALS class and pick up a book.  I’m so glad that they are letting me borrow one because I wasn’t going to be able to get one in the mail quick enough.  Then we found a McDs (it is the easiest way to access internet here.) Chad was able to download the CC cycle three app.  I retook the PALS pretest, because the test repetition helps me to learn easier than with just reading the book.  We were also able to use the time to make Dr. appointments.  An appointment for Eve up at Doernbecher, well child checks and Salem Pediatric Clinic for all three kids, and a call to the dentist to see what we can work out there.  We were able to do some more research on the hospitals sent to me for consideration for our next assignment, and believe me we checked C/S rates and deliveries/month because I don’t feel like managers are overly honest about those numbers in the telephone interviews. We are also starting the wheels turning on a Christmas project.  We are hoping to get shoes to Uganda hopefully we can save up enough to send over 50 pairs. the shoe that grows



Well I don’t at all feel rested enough or prepared for the next six days.  I am reminded that God is more concerned about my obedience than my happiness (although I’m sure he is delighted to see me happy.  As a parent he wants me to see the big picture and not be so focused on myself). (And the good news is I am happy and have so much to be thankful for)  I was reading back through my sermon notes from Farmington, and was especially struck with how God’s word meets us exactly where we are at when I stumbled on this.  (These are notes so it’s going to be fragmented)
• In this world you will have trouble but take heart for I have overcome the world.
• God does not explain the why’s and how’s
• Character is built in the valleys
• Not my will but yours be done
• He is good and faithful and just to forgive
• Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10
• Be not wise in your own eyes
• God will not overlook the fact that we have failed to trust in him, he will not overlook that we are doing what we choose to do over his plans for us.
• Break the pattern of trusting in our selves

Hebrews 12:1-2New International Version (NIV)

12 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, 2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

These things have been on my mind, strangely, and although they do not make me feel more rested they do assure me that I’m where I am supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to do, and God will do the rest.  He doesn’t ask me to have all the right answers or to be perfect, just to be willing and obedient.
This afternoon when we finally got back to our apartment there was a card in the mail from a friend with this verse.

1 Corinthians 15:58New International Version (NIV)

58 Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

This verse and a chance to talk to my favorite MIL may have been just what I needed.

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TIA or Seizure?

I am ok with never ever again seeing expressive emphasia in a childbearing age women especially coupled with her indicating that there is something majorly wrong with her right arm.  A few scary moments today resulted in a healthy mom and baby after a visit from the Rapid Response team, CT, and a C/S.

Other news, the kids dug into math before breakfast and were completely done with their school work by lunch.  Potty training with Eve was only so so (this is all second hand), and Eve fell off the stairs onto the concrete floor of the basement and has a goose egg that I haven’t yet seen.  As the kids were all in bed already by the time I made it home from work.

Now with full rolling headache I’m going to crash.  Good night all.

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Tin Whistle

We started tin Whistles today, oh joy!  It was actually quite fun, and Chad ordered a few extra tin whistle books.  It should be fun.




Chad has the video of all of us playing Tin Whistle “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” “Jingle Bells,” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

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Pajama Day

After an all too hairy day yesterday, I am getting to the point of counting down the number of shifts I have left until our next adventure (22).  I feel bad for even having those feelings.  I wish I could pin point what it is about this assignment that has me wanting to run for the hills.  I know I’m not the only one, since the staff nurses are dropping like flies.  For a unit that delivers 100 babies a month, it feels at least twice as busy as Silverton.  Crazy shifts happen but should’nt be every day.  Yesterday four nurses were forced to stay over an extra four hours.  Inductions are never postponed for lack of staff so staff are forced to work extra for elective (provider encouraged ) 39 week inductions.  Needless to say after only working one shift I was needing a break.  Today we slept in until 7:30 and I stayed in my pajamas all day. Eve and I worked for most of the morning on her letters, and Hannah and I read about the Louisiana Purchase this afternoon.
The book quoted Jefferson’s motto, “It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.” This totally convicted me.  I think I deserve my rests, but really I’m just shooting myself in the foot.

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My First Last Day

There are firsts for everything and today, actually last night and this morning, was my very first last day on an assignment.  Northern Navajo Medical Center sees so many travelers it is a wonder that they allow themselves to like or get attached to anyone coming through.  With that in mind, I feel privileged to have had the chance to get to know and be encouraged by so many of the staff who work in Labor and Delivery.  The shift started off on a busy note, as I had a fresh delivery and a triage pt.  It was plenty to keep the minute hand on the clock moving at a pretty good clip, which I appreciated very much, as I was a tad on the tired side and find it much easier to be busy than to fight sleepiness all night.  We snuck in a group photo for my “trip” memory book.  I don’t think the ladies at work will mind if I share it.

A multip walked in shortly after I finished getting caught up from the first part of the shift, even though she wasn’t mine, it provided an opportunity to be helpful and do something to keep the tired eyes at bay.  This night had both come too soon and not quickly enough, and it was going by too fast and dragging along.  I found myself both ready for the next adventure and knowing that the new friendships that I valued here won’t be able to come with me to the next place, making me want to drag my feet and take in each moment for at least two or three.  Barb surprised me with a beautiful necklace which will always remind me of my time at Shiprock, NNMC, and the Navajo people.  I wore it all night.


As morning drew closer my carpooling buddy, Valerie, asked if she could take me to breakfast, which sounded like a great idea to me.  The mommy delivered, we rushed around being all efficient and focused, and every once in a while the midwife that was on would note, when I set out to find the answer to a question she would ask, you probably don’t really need to know for your last three hours of working here.  What a thought.  This is over just as abruptly as it started.  The shift drew to a close, and I gave report for the last time.  Can I really be not coming back tomorrow?  Next week?  The manager had filled out a performance evaluation for me and noted that I was welcome to extend and that they would love to rehire me back anytime.  Chad and I have talked about that possibility, but since we are travel nursing to travel with the kids as part of their education, we really feel like we need to move on at least for a few more assignments, but possibly returning in a year or so.  Report was over, Valerie turned to me and asked if I was ready for breakfast.  I most definitely was after having a busy night to work up an appetite.  I followed her into the break room to grab my lunch bag out of the fridge and….surprise!
The unit had planned a surprise goodbye party/breakfast for the end of my last shift.  Really?  For me?  I couldn’t believe it, Valerie that little trickster was totally in on it.  I was all the sudden glad I didn’t ask her why she brought 1 1/2 dozen eggs to work.


(Kelly hiding behind the lid to the hash browns)
Thank you Shiprock (NNMC) L&D for everything!
It was fun to eat and joke in the break room for the next hour with the mostly day shift and providers who were there to party with us, and I left feeling thankful, loved, and sad all at the same time.  The drive home was uneventful, besides the constant reminder that I should have heeded my bodies warning and gone to the bathroom before leaving the hospital, so when we got to Valerie’s house she offered her restroom and I totally took her up on it.  When I came out of the bathroom she was burning some cedar and gave me a Navajo blessing with the smoke as well has a pot/vase as a goodbye gift.


20140726-051723-19043603.jpgWe hugged goodbye a couple times as we talked and encouraged each other in life and in striding towards our goals. I got in my car and turned towards home and it dawned on me that I did not pray a blessing over Val. Lord bless Val and keep her, make your face to shine upon her.  Thank you for bringing her into my life.  The two or three blocks to my apartment were quick.  I was glad to see my family and tell them about my day.
Chad was already knee deep in packing.

We talked for a few minutes, and then I headed to bed for a short nap so I also could make myself a little more useful around the house.

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Winding Down

After a fun play date yesterday and a long shift last night, we got some last minute tests and paperwork done for my Neenah assignment.  All I have is tonight and tomorrow night left here at Shiprock.  It has definitely been a time of reflection on this last three months, and the direction our lives have taken.  Please be in prayer for our family and traveling mercies.

Only two days left to guess how many miles we have put on our car, make sure you guess.  You can’t win if you don’t guess.

We love you lots and are so thankful for the support and prayers.

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Four More Days in New Mexico

Four more days here in New Mexico. I am still in shock at how fast the time has flown by. But it is real.  Our four big tubs have been pulled out of storage, and are lying in the middle of the living room to be packed.  We have one last play date at the park this afternoon, then I work tonight and the next two nights, sleep/pack on Friday, leave on Saturday.

Last night we walked as a family to the park near our house.  Embarrassingly enough, it was the first time we had done that.  It was a fun way to spend some quality time together and enjoy just being in New Mexico. I am going to miss the dry heat, and the oh-so-cute pueblo style that most of the houses sport.  Also the beautiful cacti and amazing rock formations.





Greetings from New Mexico

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Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Phew…done with my fourth night, with the weekend to enjoy my family and maybe squeeze in one more sight-seeing trip.  A co-workers daughter is trying to get her permit driving hours in so she can get her license so she drives her mom to work and I drive her back home.  I have enjoyed getting to know her. It has been a while since I have talked to a teenager about their hopes and dreams, and also I count it a huge complement that this coworker whom I have known for such a short time trusts me with her baby.  After dropping her off I headed home with a plan to propose a day trip, albeit long, to one of the National Monuments close-ish to us that Chad and I had both been hoping to see.

Chad was on board with that, as long as it didn’t require a hotel stay as we need to save up for the 7 or so hotel stays it will take us to get to our next assignment.
We had breakfast.  I changed out of my work clothes, we walked Myra, and then all piled into the car.  I have joked about the kids developing calloused behinds, but I am partially serious.  The four and a half hours to the visitors center involved only a few requests for a bathroom stop and lunch, no complaints.


Waiting in line for the bathroom.



We passed lake Powell and if it wasn’t for a bit of a time crunch, may have had to jump in.  It would be a fun place to rent a house boat some time.




The visitor center at Grand Staircase-Escalante was smaller and less taken care of than I imagined it would be in the whole spectrum we have seen so far.  Funny because I didn’t realize I had an expectation until it wasn’t met.



Quoting from the visitors guide, “Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument was established by Presidential Proclamation in 1996 (for our fellow homeschool kids, who was president at that time?)…According to the Proclamation, ‘Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument’s vast and austere landscape embraces a spectacular array of scientific and historic resources. This high, rugged, and remote region, where bold plateaus and multi-hued cliffs run for distances that defy human perspective, was the last place in the continental United Sates to be mapped. Even today, this unspoiled natural area remains a frontier, a quality that greatly enhances the Monument’s value for scientific study….'” It spans nearly 1.9 million acres of Americas Public lands.  Scientists from around the world come to GSENM for all kinds of areas of study.
We didn’t do their Jr. Scientist program, as it was after lunch and frankly, I didn’t have the energy for it.  I kind of regret that decision now, as it was an opportunity we never know if we will have again.  Oh well, it truly was beautiful and I LOVE bumpy dirt roads and exploring, so the park was a real treat.


















Hannah found a cool larva exoskeleton, we don’t know what kind of bug it is.










The Paria River, a wash, actually had water in it, as it is the rainy season here.


With the park being so HUGE, there is no way to see it all in one day and too hot do do any long hikes (only 102).  We really enjoyed our 30 miles one way up and back on a bumpy dirt road drive, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.  Chad, Caleb, and Hannah started up the Cottonwood South trail a little over 1/4 mile.


We keep saying we are going to need to come back to this area, maybe Flagstaff, because there is so much we had wanted to do but are just not going to get to.
We were sad to say good bye to the park, and turned on an audio book, pointing the car towards home.

Thank you Lord for this opportunity to learn more about your creation.

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