TIA or Seizure?

I am ok with never ever again seeing expressive emphasia in a childbearing age women especially coupled with her indicating that there is something majorly wrong with her right arm.  A few scary moments today resulted in a healthy mom and baby after a visit from the Rapid Response team, CT, and a C/S.

Other news, the kids dug into math before breakfast and were completely done with their school work by lunch.  Potty training with Eve was only so so (this is all second hand), and Eve fell off the stairs onto the concrete floor of the basement and has a goose egg that I haven’t yet seen.  As the kids were all in bed already by the time I made it home from work.

Now with full rolling headache I’m going to crash.  Good night all.

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2 thoughts on “TIA or Seizure?

  1. Jen Rold

    hard day!!

    • Not completely, it just seems like every other day I get something that rarely happens….my patient all the sudden not being able to speak and having right arm numbness but being totally aware was pretty scary. But I can’t say it was a hard day over all. I’m just getting a lot of exposure to things I haven’t seen before.

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