Newport Housing

I have no idea why housing on the Oregon beach has been such a bear!  Using Craigslist for our main resource we have put out emails,  texts and phone  calls with very few responses. Those that have responded have said, ”We don’t want to consider anything less than a six month lease.”  It is hard not to get frustrated…  We maybe thinking outside the box a bit on this one.   Maybe tent it for a while and a hotel when we can’t get site, I’m not sure I’m ready for that unsettled of a lifestyle.  I think I’m doing a fairly good job not stressing out since our next assignment starts in < two weeks we would love this all to resolve soon. We know the right thing will come along, and would love your prayers on this matter.

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Starting Our Big Island Goodbyes

 Unless I get put on call, today was my last Sunday getting to attend Kurtistown Assembly of God.  Chad and the kids have two more weeks, but I will be loving on mommas and babies at the hospital.  There was an impromptu baptism after church at Coconut Island.  We were glad that we had grabbed our swimsuits before church and put them in the car just incase we might need them.    There ended up being three or four adults and several children being baptized.  Throughout the afternoon.  The kids, a whole host of them, played in the water and on the beach.  The ones who were good swimmers congregated at the towers to jump in.  Caleb’s friends went several times before he decided he wanted to try it too.  The photo below is the best one I got of him jumping.  He is the one with the orange shirt on that is mid air.     The adults all socialized, joked, talked, really they just enjoyed being together.  Several of the families with small children had stopped at home and picked up lunch food and together they formed this whole potluck buffet of fixings for sandwiches including fruit, chips and dessert.  We had previously asked Pastor and his family out to lunch so we went easy on the food provided which wasn’t easy because everyone is so friendly, welcoming, and generous.  I often wonder how we possibly could give back to this church a gift equal to what they have given us in our time here.  

Wanting to take us somewhere we had not yet been Pastor recommended Kuhio Grille, local cuisine.   

We finally got to try Laulau which has been on our gotta try list since early on! It is a fatty fish wrapped in layer after layer of taro leaves and I’m guessing it is boiled.  I thought it would be way greasy and proportionately more meat and only a little veggie.  I was pleasantly surprised when I descovered it is quite a few layers and the large portion of leaf to fish made the fattyness of the fish not a detraction at all.       The kids played well together and were wiped out after our late lunch/early dinner.     Eve’s hair in her face and mouth wide open were cracking me up.  We then headed up to see the place where one of my co-travel nurses is living on a peacock reserve.  The peacocks were everywhere and are quite loud.  I loved their calls but may not if I heard it all the time.    

We also checked out the pigs who were sleeping.    This curious fellow was keeping an eye on us.    The kids loved the swing and kept taking turns  on it.       Isn’t this house just breath taking Tiffany’s apartment is on the bottom and is so cute!        Bird cages on the side of the house.  The below picture is of her awesome Lani.  I would be spending all of my time in here if I was her.         Tiffany was so good with the kids.  They were in heaven with her pushing the swing and feeding them string cheese.  It rained off and on while we were there and so we were blessed with the sight of this beautiful rainbow.       I was adoring this house too on our way up so I grabbed a pic on the way back down.  They have an amazing view of the ocean out of all of those windows. This park is where Tiffany goes to get her water we could hear the water rushing up stream a ways.  We took a muddy trail upriver but only saw rapids, no waterfalls.         

It was pretty impressive to see Tiffany maneuvering around mudpits and under this tree across the trail in flip flops with Eve on her back.  Eve was eating it up!  Yay they made it!

 Thank you Pastor Damien and Andrea, and Tiffany for a very fun day!  

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Countdowns and Updates

2 weeks (only 14 days I can’t even believe it) until my mom comes to visit!!!!!!!!!!!

24 days left in Hawaii….mixed feelings on that! 

13 shifts left at work, yes, more than half of the days we have left will be spent at work.  Good thing I love the work and my co-workers.

3 Sundays and Soup Kitchens and I think I work most of them :0( that sure makes it hard to say goodbyes.   

The kids did their Memory Verse-a-thon this week and loved getting to call Pastor Erika and tell her all their verses for the purpose of raising money for kids camp this summer.  Together they memorized 68 verses new to them (50 for Caleb, 18 for Hannah) which went a long ways towards First Kidz collective goal of 150 verses…the prize you ask?!? Pastor Erika will dye her hair pink.  We haven’t heard the final tally yet but are watching FaceBook for pictures!  Go Salem First Kidz! 

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Neville Public Museum in Green Bay



It has been a while since we have gone to a museum. This one geared towards children was actually quite relaxing. Relaxing, I know, museums aren’t supposed to be relaxing, but I guess since the kids have had limited access to toys each “toy” (hands on display) captivated their attention for much longer than it would have six months ago. They also play better together adding to the fun.



IMG_2161.JPG We were in the discovery room for quite a while, at least an hour before going up stairs. We found a rotary phone!

There were plastic dinosaurs, linking logs, puzzles, a barn with animals, groceries and a basket, this display that was designed to give children a graspable example of the largeness of the number one million.

IMG_2159.JPG It made me think of two things, crocheting (I know that is weird) and retirement savings.  We (one of us) turned the wheel the whole time we were in the room which was about 30,000 rotations. You feel like you are wasting your time like getting to one million is an impossible feat. Then you settle into a groove and realize this isn’t a quick project but if you keep turning the wheel down the road a ways, a week or so and you will accomplish your goal if you just keep at it. In savings or retirement saving cents or dollars doesn’t seem like it would really do much in advancing your fight against debt or building a savings.  If you never start turning the wheel then you really will never get there.  After an hour we told the kids it was time to move on up stairs.  Upstairs was a little less hands, on but was packed with Wisconsin history that was quite informative.


Wisconsin, home of the National Ice Age Trail, started it’s history with the Ice Age.







Ice Age history made way for the rich Native American history of the area, then the war of 1812 as the revolution didn’t make it over this far and the British continued to patrol the Great Lakes after the revolution because they did not want to give up the lucrative fur trade business they were conducting there.  Then came the Victorian age to modern day.








This one was my favorite.

IMG_2182.JPG This is a the equipment like that which George Washington would have used as a surveyer.

The more recent section of the museum was centered around the Packers.




IMG_2195.JPG Caleb was wearing a green sweatshirt which made him partially invisible in the picture booth.


We had one last dinner at Erbert & Gerbert before leaving Wisconsin.  I have 9 more shifts to work in the next 13 days. Our countdown is down to < two weeks.

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It’s looking like California

We have been going through the process of applying for positions and interviewing, which is surprisingly not painstaking.  I may be strange but I kind of like to interview.  We have two offers now, both in California, so we should know in the next few days where we will head next.

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Winding Down

After a fun play date yesterday and a long shift last night, we got some last minute tests and paperwork done for my Neenah assignment.  All I have is tonight and tomorrow night left here at Shiprock.  It has definitely been a time of reflection on this last three months, and the direction our lives have taken.  Please be in prayer for our family and traveling mercies.

Only two days left to guess how many miles we have put on our car, make sure you guess.  You can’t win if you don’t guess.

We love you lots and are so thankful for the support and prayers.

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Four More Days in New Mexico

Four more days here in New Mexico. I am still in shock at how fast the time has flown by. But it is real.  Our four big tubs have been pulled out of storage, and are lying in the middle of the living room to be packed.  We have one last play date at the park this afternoon, then I work tonight and the next two nights, sleep/pack on Friday, leave on Saturday.

Last night we walked as a family to the park near our house.  Embarrassingly enough, it was the first time we had done that.  It was a fun way to spend some quality time together and enjoy just being in New Mexico. I am going to miss the dry heat, and the oh-so-cute pueblo style that most of the houses sport.  Also the beautiful cacti and amazing rock formations.





Greetings from New Mexico

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Neenah Wisconsin, Theda Clark Medical Center

It is official 8/4-11/1 we will be living in or around Neenah Wisconsin working at Theda Clark Medical Center.  It is on a little lake called Lake Winnebago.

It is about an hour drive to the Great Lakes and 188 miles North West of Chicago.
We are in the beginning stages of researching the educational opportunities for the kids in and around the area so if you know of anything that you think is a must do please share.
Thank you all for your continued prayer we are so thankful for it.

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Assignment #2 Pending

We have less than four weeks left here in New Mexico. The time really has flown by. Shiprock has been a great work experience and I am keeping a list of the things I have learned here.  Although I am not ready to leave my new friends, I am ready to be on a busier unit again.  We have been offered a new position, and are madly wading through the paper work and making all the decisions that come with that.  It has been a challenge with Chad out of the country and with very spotty unreliable internet.  We are excited to announce our new assignment location as soon as the contract is officially agreed on and signed.
Thank you for all your prayers and support.

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