Starting Our Big Island Goodbyes

 Unless I get put on call, today was my last Sunday getting to attend Kurtistown Assembly of God.  Chad and the kids have two more weeks, but I will be loving on mommas and babies at the hospital.  There was an impromptu baptism after church at Coconut Island.  We were glad that we had grabbed our swimsuits before church and put them in the car just incase we might need them.    There ended up being three or four adults and several children being baptized.  Throughout the afternoon.  The kids, a whole host of them, played in the water and on the beach.  The ones who were good swimmers congregated at the towers to jump in.  Caleb’s friends went several times before he decided he wanted to try it too.  The photo below is the best one I got of him jumping.  He is the one with the orange shirt on that is mid air.     The adults all socialized, joked, talked, really they just enjoyed being together.  Several of the families with small children had stopped at home and picked up lunch food and together they formed this whole potluck buffet of fixings for sandwiches including fruit, chips and dessert.  We had previously asked Pastor and his family out to lunch so we went easy on the food provided which wasn’t easy because everyone is so friendly, welcoming, and generous.  I often wonder how we possibly could give back to this church a gift equal to what they have given us in our time here.  

Wanting to take us somewhere we had not yet been Pastor recommended Kuhio Grille, local cuisine.   

We finally got to try Laulau which has been on our gotta try list since early on! It is a fatty fish wrapped in layer after layer of taro leaves and I’m guessing it is boiled.  I thought it would be way greasy and proportionately more meat and only a little veggie.  I was pleasantly surprised when I descovered it is quite a few layers and the large portion of leaf to fish made the fattyness of the fish not a detraction at all.       The kids played well together and were wiped out after our late lunch/early dinner.     Eve’s hair in her face and mouth wide open were cracking me up.  We then headed up to see the place where one of my co-travel nurses is living on a peacock reserve.  The peacocks were everywhere and are quite loud.  I loved their calls but may not if I heard it all the time.    

We also checked out the pigs who were sleeping.    This curious fellow was keeping an eye on us.    The kids loved the swing and kept taking turns  on it.       Isn’t this house just breath taking Tiffany’s apartment is on the bottom and is so cute!        Bird cages on the side of the house.  The below picture is of her awesome Lani.  I would be spending all of my time in here if I was her.         Tiffany was so good with the kids.  They were in heaven with her pushing the swing and feeding them string cheese.  It rained off and on while we were there and so we were blessed with the sight of this beautiful rainbow.       I was adoring this house too on our way up so I grabbed a pic on the way back down.  They have an amazing view of the ocean out of all of those windows. This park is where Tiffany goes to get her water we could hear the water rushing up stream a ways.  We took a muddy trail upriver but only saw rapids, no waterfalls.         

It was pretty impressive to see Tiffany maneuvering around mudpits and under this tree across the trail in flip flops with Eve on her back.  Eve was eating it up!  Yay they made it!

 Thank you Pastor Damien and Andrea, and Tiffany for a very fun day!  

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