I so forgot my lunch this morning

Working 15 hours yesterday with no lunch break got me home and in bed with enough time to squeeze out six hours of sleep.  The alarm came early, but I was showered and down eating breakfast before usual, which gave me enough time to eat my breakfast sitting down, and believe me my stomach was thankful.  I got out in good time and didn’t have to scrape my windows.  I got to work in good time, and as I climbed our of the car discovered that I had forgotten to grab my lunch out of the refrigerator.  I grabbed my debit card in hopes that the cafeteria would have something I could eat if the opportunity arose to eat a lunch.
Two fresh c/s patient and one antenatal,  two insulin dependent one with a pump.  It was steady.  Very steady.  I walked some serious miles today, and felt like I took good care of my patients.  There was no lull where lunch was possible until after I discharged one antenatal and picked up another one two hours before the end of the shift. I made it down to the cafeteria to discover that at 3:30pm on Saturday the options were sandwiches (no GF bread) pudding, chips, fruit and bottled drinks,  so I had a lunch of champions.
My usual lunch consists of a baked sweet potato, an apple, and an orange with a granola bar for dessert, which I do love, but it was so great to eat a whole meal of crappy food.  Maybe I shouldn’t have enjoyed it so much.  The chocolate pudding was fabulous, with two very small bags of jalapeño chips, then a banana and a bottled Starbucks coffee to follow.  I don’t know if it was the chocolate, the coffee, or the jalapeños but it hit the spot and I was uninterrupted for a whole 30 minutes.  I made it back up stairs, tied up all my loose ends, left all my patients with no immediate needs, taped report and got out on time.  It was such a beautiful thing.  One more day before we switch back to nights for a few weeks.
After dinner I headed up stairs to get ready for bed, this is at 7:40pm, when it dawned on me that I had not gone to the bathroom all day since I woke up at 4:15 am.  Yep, it was busy, but good.  I better drink a liter before bed.  Good night.

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