A weird sort of day

When I arrived at work and looked at my assignment, I was sure I was missing something.  A vaginal delivery who would be discharged by noon and a really easy antepartum, was I supposed to have an induction coming in too?  This was very uncharacteristic.  So I rounded on my sleeping patients, then stayed in the nursery so the other nurses who had a baby in the nursery could get out and assess their patients.  Did some baby assessments, a bottle here and a CCHD screen there.  I got out and rounded again and everyone was still sleeping, so I headed back to the nursery and helped a nurse with a heavier assignment by taking her twins out and helping the mom breastfeed.  About 9:00 am my patients started coming around, but it didn’t take long to get their stuff done, so soon I was back to helping hang blood and fetching a wheel chair.  The assignments were seriously lop sided.  Although the one nurse with the heaviest assignment got two of her three patients including the twin babies discharged by noon, I had a triage who in addition to my post partum went home by noon, the two other nurses on discharged pts too, so that we were down to very few patients on the floor.  Every one got lunch.  Then we admitted an SROM but she was given to someone else, I admitted another antepartum and then the pt we hung blood on was discovered to be bleeding internally so she was whisked down stairs to the main OR.  A patient came in in atrial fibrillation (or Vfib, the report was unclear, I’m pretty sure it was Afib they just said Vfib on accident a few times, there is a HUGE difference between the two) either way, No, you can’t cardiovert her on an OB unit we will come to you and monitor the baby!  Yikes!  Then came in an ethics committee case.  I am pretty sure in my 10+ years of nursing that we have never had to call the ethics committee, oh and the police (although I have had to do that a few times).  The charge nurse was saying, “why me, these things always happen to me.”
Then in an effort to be helpful another nurse also named Sarah changed bed linens for the patient in the main OR and accidentally sent her new nursing bra down the laundry shoot with everything else so we wondered the halls in the basement of the hospital going up strange back stair cases and taking a freight and shipping elevator wondering if we were going to get lost or locked in somewhere looking for the room where the laundry shoot comes out so we could sort through and find the patients belonging.  Security ended up helping us and they weren’t even quite sure but after a while we found it and only had to go through about 7 bags of laundry before we found the missing item.  We were so glad that the birth center has different sheets and gowns than the other floors so we could easily identify bags belonging to our floor.  We were careful not to let anything touch our clothes I could imagine C. Dif being our fate, so we washed and sanitized really well.  The family was so glad to have the item back and we were glad to be headed home before anything else weird happened.

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