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Church was good, the orchestra and choir both were present for praise and worship and the beauty of the music sank in deep.  I can feel God’s hand in our lives and some kind of metamorphosis occurring in my heart.  I feel so blessed and want my life to be a praise offering.  In my head and heart I have been mulling over the difference between knowing what is right and doing it.  As we continue on this path which we have been called how can we honor God in our daily lives, and serve those around us.

On the way out of service we stopped by the library and picked out some more videos.  We had watched all of the missionary videos available so we picked out some Ken Ham ones and Hermie and friends, we are going to miss the church library.

We ate a later lunch and then took turns playing songs on the tin whistle, the kids pulled out the felt and did some sewing, trying to make a case for Hannah’s new harmonica that she bought with tracker tickets from the church store. Eve and Caleb did some sword fighting out side. We all went on a family walk and then Chad read to the kids.  After bed time we watched Already Gone, A message by Ken Ham, based off of his book with the same title about why he believes record numbers of children from Christian homes are leaving the church.  There are so many thoughts in my head and on my heart….

In a completely different direction, I have an aunt who has fought a long fight with cancer and will be meeting her maker soon.  We would appreciate prayers for her grown kids and grandkids as well as her parents.  May they find peace and be comforted in the arms of their Father God.


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