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Appleton Alliance Church

It was much harder to find a church here in Neenah area than in Farmington.  Most were Lutheran, Catholic, or really emphasized speaking in tongues on their “about us” web pages.  The nearest Nazarene churches were over an hour away.  Then Chad found Appleton Alliance, which is a huge church, 3,700 people attend Sunday morning services, with three services and a very focused kids department, which included AWANAs.  I know we won’t be around for the whole year, but that is something we have always done for school and I was so glad to have found a church that hosts it.  The first Sunday went well.  The kids department help desk was very helpful, and the kids found their classes, had fun, and learned stuff.  After church, the kids checked out books from the children’s library (still at the church) then we headed to the car to drive around town a bit more.  After finding Appleton Medical Center, the other hospital where I will be working (two hospitals I am nervous about that) and having lunch, we decided to drive around Lake Winnebago which took the rest of the afternoon.  I think everything is in order for starting tomorrow, now if only I could quiet my nerves, get rid of this headache and get a bit of rest… if only.  I would appreciate any and all prayers for tomorrow and this first week to go smoothly.

Our bed so homey and reminds us of our friends back home, Thank you Shari for the pillow cases, and Lara for the quilt.  They go with us everywhere.

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