Honduras day 5

Sunday, time to head out for church.  We started off by heading up into the hills and through the jungle to go to our morning service.


When we got there, we met outside of a small building, and just had some of the people gather around for service.  I was so glad for the opportunity.



It was refreshing to to see God working in this community.

We asked the pastor how many people where up in that community and he told us about 500.  It is great that God has called him there.

In the evening, we went to the church that we are helping build.  They are currently meeting in a house up the road. They are in need of the new building.  They would have been in the streets if we had not been there.

What a great day to see and meet the people and community that we are helping!


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One thought on “Honduras day 5

  1. D.J. Owens

    Thanks for sharing daily. It is so nice to keep up

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