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Philippino Treat

Ok, this is not as gross as it sounds.  One part of taveling is experiencing other cultures and yes, even within the United States there are oportunities to love the people around you by having s genuine interest in learning about them and their culture.  This often includes food…pretty much everything social in this country comes with a side of food, also many people express their love and appreciation through their hands into their food cooked for  others. 

Today one of my coworkers offered me some “pig blood”. It is a Philippino dish with pig blood, pork, and some delicious peppers.  

It may not look that great but be honest it doesn’t look that bad.  Picture it on rice.  It was pretty good.  My iron levels must be good now.  It tasted great.  Graininess was the only drawback of the dish.    

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On call!!! Pohoiki for the afternoon!

It was such a pleasant surprise to be put on call this morning.   Everyone still got up early though and we chilled for an hour or so then made a batch of musubi for lunches.  Our landlord came by just as we were getting ready to head to the soup kitchen and let us know that they would be showing the house in two hours so we madly rushed around and straitened everything up before we left.  We got to the soup kitchen a little late, then worked on a few things that needed to be done for set up and soon it was lunch.  Isabel was going to meet us at the church after lunch.  We then drove home and got our swimming suits just hanging out at the house until two.       With my on call shift ending at 3pm and it taking me an hour to get there we with the phone still turned on headed towards the beach to Isaac Hale and Pohoiki warm springs.   The kids played for several hours then we tried out the hot pool before heading home.                 Caleb jumping in.    And Hannah jumping in!     The dog below would find floating coconuts and would husk it with its teeth like a play toy, such a perfect dog to have here in Hawaii!  Husking the coconut is the hardest job, breaking it open after that is easy.         A little path through the trees to the warm pool!    Caleb was braking into this coconut for us, he gave up after a short while.     On the way home from the soup kitchen Chad asked the kids if they had fun with Isabel and it was a unanimous yell, “YES,” from the back seat followed by, “we have to go there again!” Thanks for the fun day Isabel.  

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Kaumana Caves

Finally we made it to Kaumana Caves!!! One of our favorite family memories is exploring Ape Caves with Aunt Stephanie, Cyrus, Aunt Suzanne, Uncle Jeremy, and Hadassah (Elijah in utero).  We were eager to see some other lava tubes and use our headlamps.  We had been told by several people it was a short walk even though the Internet research we had done told us that the Kaumana Lava Tube was 25 miles long, and was created in a 1881 eruption of Mauna Loa.   We didn’t know how far we would actually be able to go.  And now that we have done it I have no idea how far we went. We explored the section of the tube going down hill first and although the entrance was larger it was deceiving and we spent a good potion of our explorations in this tube quite hunched over.  It was still very fun.                The walls were glittery with the colors of gold, silver, and bronze Chad says that it is the lichen.  So pretty!        At one point when we were quite a ways in and there was no light from the entrance we shut off our headlamps and enjoyed the pitch black for maybe a minute before we turned them back on.                The roots have grown down through the cave the kids thought they should be able to swing on them like Diego and Dora.    The second cave entrance was smaller and quickly we were doubled over, but that didn’t last long.  Soon we were in a quite large cavern. There were some piles of rubble to climb over as we got deepe, we got a little muddy but over all it was so fun.     This boy kind of lost his head lamp when he put on his sweatshirt. He makes me smile.  I wish you could see how huge this cavern is!       Eve being so independent climbing from rock to rock! She did so good!  

  We were in awe and delighted when we saw light up ahead since we were under the impression that the was no way out except to go all the way back the way we came.  Caleb climbed out of this first skylight the rest of us climbed out of the second one.       My slippers (flip flops) broke mid hike of the second tube, Chad came to my rescue with a small roll of duct tape from his pack.          Eve emerging from the skylight.  We could have gone further Chad thinks but the entrance was small and we were ready to head back anyway.    There was a rough non groomed trail back towards our car and we opted to go back via the trail.  Eve wasn’t a fan, but we mostly enjoyed our hike through the Lehua rainforest.   Due to my duct taped shoe, Chad ran into Safeway and got the fixings for our lunch date and then into Walmart for some new slippers.  

We enjoyed making homemade pizza with Alana and Divad.  It was complete devoured before our settlers game was over.   
    Hannah and Alethia were being chicken mommies loving on any chicken that they caught.     Alpha is so gorgeous! Such a handsome man!    The little ones played well together.  I loved how they incorporated their real life problems into their play.  Princess Elsa would declare she had to go potty ergently and it sounded like there was quite a commotion getting her to the potty in time.      Alana kicked all our backsides!    

  Hannah found a wild chick eventually we got it reunited with its mommy.   The chickens preffering the goats food,  the poor goat was eating as fast as he could.    I love it when the kids can experience any part of farm life.  And as you can see they love it too!  The boys started playing Rock Band.  I love to watch them, I don’t mind playing the guitar part, but have never been any good at it.  Still it brings back lots of good memories with my sisters and brothers-in-law.  It has been fun getting to know you these last four months Alana! Thanks for everything!   

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Starting Our Big Island Goodbyes

 Unless I get put on call, today was my last Sunday getting to attend Kurtistown Assembly of God.  Chad and the kids have two more weeks, but I will be loving on mommas and babies at the hospital.  There was an impromptu baptism after church at Coconut Island.  We were glad that we had grabbed our swimsuits before church and put them in the car just incase we might need them.    There ended up being three or four adults and several children being baptized.  Throughout the afternoon.  The kids, a whole host of them, played in the water and on the beach.  The ones who were good swimmers congregated at the towers to jump in.  Caleb’s friends went several times before he decided he wanted to try it too.  The photo below is the best one I got of him jumping.  He is the one with the orange shirt on that is mid air.     The adults all socialized, joked, talked, really they just enjoyed being together.  Several of the families with small children had stopped at home and picked up lunch food and together they formed this whole potluck buffet of fixings for sandwiches including fruit, chips and dessert.  We had previously asked Pastor and his family out to lunch so we went easy on the food provided which wasn’t easy because everyone is so friendly, welcoming, and generous.  I often wonder how we possibly could give back to this church a gift equal to what they have given us in our time here.  

Wanting to take us somewhere we had not yet been Pastor recommended Kuhio Grille, local cuisine.   

We finally got to try Laulau which has been on our gotta try list since early on! It is a fatty fish wrapped in layer after layer of taro leaves and I’m guessing it is boiled.  I thought it would be way greasy and proportionately more meat and only a little veggie.  I was pleasantly surprised when I descovered it is quite a few layers and the large portion of leaf to fish made the fattyness of the fish not a detraction at all.       The kids played well together and were wiped out after our late lunch/early dinner.     Eve’s hair in her face and mouth wide open were cracking me up.  We then headed up to see the place where one of my co-travel nurses is living on a peacock reserve.  The peacocks were everywhere and are quite loud.  I loved their calls but may not if I heard it all the time.    

We also checked out the pigs who were sleeping.    This curious fellow was keeping an eye on us.    The kids loved the swing and kept taking turns  on it.       Isn’t this house just breath taking Tiffany’s apartment is on the bottom and is so cute!        Bird cages on the side of the house.  The below picture is of her awesome Lani.  I would be spending all of my time in here if I was her.         Tiffany was so good with the kids.  They were in heaven with her pushing the swing and feeding them string cheese.  It rained off and on while we were there and so we were blessed with the sight of this beautiful rainbow.       I was adoring this house too on our way up so I grabbed a pic on the way back down.  They have an amazing view of the ocean out of all of those windows. This park is where Tiffany goes to get her water we could hear the water rushing up stream a ways.  We took a muddy trail upriver but only saw rapids, no waterfalls.         

It was pretty impressive to see Tiffany maneuvering around mudpits and under this tree across the trail in flip flops with Eve on her back.  Eve was eating it up!  Yay they made it!

 Thank you Pastor Damien and Andrea, and Tiffany for a very fun day!  

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What….A Flat?

We were up early as is the custom around here, honestly I was suprised that we didn’t hear from the kids earlier 06:20 was sleeping in.  We discussed what to bring for our planned BBQ with Cliff and Tabbitha our neighbors and took the trash to the transfer station.  On our way we found out that the much anticipated baby Tabbatha had been waiting for (not hers but a friends) was on the way so we needed to reschedule our BBQ and make new plans for the day.  No problem I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  We hadn’t done much caving and there is a big lava tube right outside of Hilo begging for us to explore it.  We stopped at Walmart to get headlamps and when we came out we noticed our very flat tire.  Thank goodness for AAA.  They came and changed our tire to a donut while we B-lined it to Ross Dress for Less to wait until we could get a hold of the guy we were renting the car from. 

   We found some great finds at Ross and did finally get ahold of our car guy.  He made an appointment for the car we just needed to hang out in town for 2.5 more hours…hmmm. We drove across the road to the mall and went to IHOP for lunch.  I told the kids to show me how they felt about our flat tire and this is the look I got.     We window shopped and used the coin propelled kiddie toys as a playground until our appointment.   At Firestone we waited again two more hours.      Eve took these pictures as a means of entertainment.  We then sent the kids over to the convienience store with $6 and instructions to pick out some things to share and remember taxes (a hard concept for our Oregonian kids).  They headed out cautiously across the parking lot Eve holding Caleb’s hand.  The car finished up so after a little while we went over and checked on them.  Their original purchase gave them a whole dollar in change so they were each picking out a tootsie pop.  They had behaved well in the store and the cashier was all smiles as she helped them buy the last three items. Chad grabbed some coconut water for us and we sat outside to enjoy them.   They bought three cokes, gummy worms, and tootsie pops.  It was pretty good shopping for food in Hawaii let alone a convenience store.  We got in the car and Hannah gleefully sighed about how awesome today was.  The last stop was grocery shopping.  We are more tired after a day of waiting than after most of our days of exploring!  But really it was still a great day. 


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Three Day Shifts Down

Being posted on the postpartum unit was a little curve ball.  Discharge paperwork is different everywhere and of course I had to discharge one baby with out all of its paperwork done.  Thank goodness the parents didn’t live too far away and were gracious to come back and finish signing a few papers (this might have been last week).  My favorite patients of the whole week were my post-op GYN patients. I am glad to be away from the discharge craziness today though. Gotta love weekends.

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Aloha Richardson’s Beach

With a single day off midweek we didn’t want to burn the candle at both ends, this had to be a more restful day than Monday was.  Chad went grocery shopping so we were looking for a half day activity.  The kids and I cleaned up the house and got everything we needed for the day together and next to the back door.  Then we waited for daddy to get home.  The kids headed out to play staying mostly out of the rain that is until it downpoured.   Hannah found this stick with a ton of the tiniest mushrooms you have ever seen on it.      When it started downpouring Eve just couldn’t resist playing in it.  I didn’t see what she was doing until she was soaked (doesn’t take long in a downpour).  She was banished to the outdoors until Chad came home or it stopped raining.  I knew from experience that if I changed her before then I would be changing her again because she would head back out sided and again me lured into the beautiful rain cascading off of the roof.  

In an attempt to stay local we headed to Richardson’s beach, it was raining still but the water was the same temp, and it rains most days so there probably wasn’t going to be another sunny Hilo day that lined up with my days off.  So we grabbed our stuff and climed out of the dry car into the rain.  Chad had said hi to a passerbyer that I hadn’t recognized, but as we were still surveying the park he started talking to someone else that I did recognize from the Easter Church service at Kurtistown park.  Our neibors!  We had talked to them for a while at Easter by had not seen them since.  They invited us to sit with them under their canapy to stay dry from the rain.  We ended up visiting and snorkeling, visiting snd snorkeling some more. It was good.  The sun came out we all shared our lunch, Chad got the hammock out.  Their boys were just older than Caleb so there was some good horse play.  So much fun!  It would have been so fun to have a water proof camera today.  We saw some amazing fish, a ton of sea turtles, one eel don’t worry he was on the smaller size but when they open and close their jaws at you it is a tad bit scary no matter their size.  The coral is practically fluorescent as it glows in its many different colors.                           

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Detour Ahead!

We were headed to a beach up by Waikaloa u till we saw a beautiful lagoon north of Kona and just had to try to figure out how to get there!

We always have to stop at the rest stop going over saddle  mountain between the two biggest volcanoes on the island Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, this time we found this cute bird’s nest on the ground!   

  This above GPS screen shot shows where we were on 19 when we saw the Lagoon and stopped! We backed tracked a short ways and found  Kīholo State Park, we parked our car and then headed down the peach toward the lagoon. 





We hadn’t made it too far down the beach when we discovered a fresh spring of cold water filling this lava tube!   I ran back to the car to get the suits we had forgotten in the car and we dashed to find a good tree to change behind!  A man there had a water proof flash light and after receiving permission we followed them into the cave a ways.  We didn’t take the camera with us (phone).  It’s not so water proof.  













  After we were thoroughly cooked off we hiked back up the beach toward the lagoon.  We found this little guy taking a nap.  He blinked at us a few times but otherwise didn’t seem too bothered. 





  The lagoon.  Like a big shallow warm lake with tons of sea turtles and one big blow fish. We didn’t bring our snorkle gear but this would have been a good place for it.  

  This awesome beach house would be a dream come true every single one of those Palm trees was loaded with coconuts, it was not too big, and right on the lagoon.

  But we would settle for this place, just the skeleton of a previous small beach house. 



  We didn’t stay too long because we were on the other side of the island and it was getting late.  With an early work morning coming for the next day. 



  Chad managed to completely just a coconut he found. 




 We had to take another dip in the cool water on our way back, this time we had it to ourselves.  So so fun! 


 Chad broke open his coconut on a rock and we each took a drink, it was the best coconut we have had in a while!



  We found an awesome burger place in Waimea called Village Burger, they had GF buns and Wasabi mayo dipping sauce for the fries that was fabulous! 



   Ok, this better not be the last time we have this, we will have to learn how to make this sauce at home.   
Such a fun day! One of our bests! Now for a good night sleep and some cute Hawaiian babies in the morning. 

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Countdowns and Updates

2 weeks (only 14 days I can’t even believe it) until my mom comes to visit!!!!!!!!!!!

24 days left in Hawaii….mixed feelings on that! 

13 shifts left at work, yes, more than half of the days we have left will be spent at work.  Good thing I love the work and my co-workers.

3 Sundays and Soup Kitchens and I think I work most of them :0( that sure makes it hard to say goodbyes.   

The kids did their Memory Verse-a-thon this week and loved getting to call Pastor Erika and tell her all their verses for the purpose of raising money for kids camp this summer.  Together they memorized 68 verses new to them (50 for Caleb, 18 for Hannah) which went a long ways towards First Kidz collective goal of 150 verses…the prize you ask?!? Pastor Erika will dye her hair pink.  We haven’t heard the final tally yet but are watching FaceBook for pictures!  Go Salem First Kidz! 

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