Detour Ahead!

We were headed to a beach up by Waikaloa u till we saw a beautiful lagoon north of Kona and just had to try to figure out how to get there!

We always have to stop at the rest stop going over saddle  mountain between the two biggest volcanoes on the island Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, this time we found this cute bird’s nest on the ground!   

  This above GPS screen shot shows where we were on 19 when we saw the Lagoon and stopped! We backed tracked a short ways and found  Kīholo State Park, we parked our car and then headed down the peach toward the lagoon. 





We hadn’t made it too far down the beach when we discovered a fresh spring of cold water filling this lava tube!   I ran back to the car to get the suits we had forgotten in the car and we dashed to find a good tree to change behind!  A man there had a water proof flash light and after receiving permission we followed them into the cave a ways.  We didn’t take the camera with us (phone).  It’s not so water proof.  













  After we were thoroughly cooked off we hiked back up the beach toward the lagoon.  We found this little guy taking a nap.  He blinked at us a few times but otherwise didn’t seem too bothered. 





  The lagoon.  Like a big shallow warm lake with tons of sea turtles and one big blow fish. We didn’t bring our snorkle gear but this would have been a good place for it.  

  This awesome beach house would be a dream come true every single one of those Palm trees was loaded with coconuts, it was not too big, and right on the lagoon.

  But we would settle for this place, just the skeleton of a previous small beach house. 



  We didn’t stay too long because we were on the other side of the island and it was getting late.  With an early work morning coming for the next day. 



  Chad managed to completely just a coconut he found. 




 We had to take another dip in the cool water on our way back, this time we had it to ourselves.  So so fun! 


 Chad broke open his coconut on a rock and we each took a drink, it was the best coconut we have had in a while!



  We found an awesome burger place in Waimea called Village Burger, they had GF buns and Wasabi mayo dipping sauce for the fries that was fabulous! 



   Ok, this better not be the last time we have this, we will have to learn how to make this sauce at home.   
Such a fun day! One of our bests! Now for a good night sleep and some cute Hawaiian babies in the morning. 

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