Aloha Richardson’s Beach

With a single day off midweek we didn’t want to burn the candle at both ends, this had to be a more restful day than Monday was.  Chad went grocery shopping so we were looking for a half day activity.  The kids and I cleaned up the house and got everything we needed for the day together and next to the back door.  Then we waited for daddy to get home.  The kids headed out to play staying mostly out of the rain that is until it downpoured.   Hannah found this stick with a ton of the tiniest mushrooms you have ever seen on it.      When it started downpouring Eve just couldn’t resist playing in it.  I didn’t see what she was doing until she was soaked (doesn’t take long in a downpour).  She was banished to the outdoors until Chad came home or it stopped raining.  I knew from experience that if I changed her before then I would be changing her again because she would head back out sided and again me lured into the beautiful rain cascading off of the roof.  

In an attempt to stay local we headed to Richardson’s beach, it was raining still but the water was the same temp, and it rains most days so there probably wasn’t going to be another sunny Hilo day that lined up with my days off.  So we grabbed our stuff and climed out of the dry car into the rain.  Chad had said hi to a passerbyer that I hadn’t recognized, but as we were still surveying the park he started talking to someone else that I did recognize from the Easter Church service at Kurtistown park.  Our neibors!  We had talked to them for a while at Easter by had not seen them since.  They invited us to sit with them under their canapy to stay dry from the rain.  We ended up visiting and snorkeling, visiting snd snorkeling some more. It was good.  The sun came out we all shared our lunch, Chad got the hammock out.  Their boys were just older than Caleb so there was some good horse play.  So much fun!  It would have been so fun to have a water proof camera today.  We saw some amazing fish, a ton of sea turtles, one eel don’t worry he was on the smaller size but when they open and close their jaws at you it is a tad bit scary no matter their size.  The coral is practically fluorescent as it glows in its many different colors.                           

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