On call!!! Pohoiki for the afternoon!

It was such a pleasant surprise to be put on call this morning.   Everyone still got up early though and we chilled for an hour or so then made a batch of musubi for lunches.  Our landlord came by just as we were getting ready to head to the soup kitchen and let us know that they would be showing the house in two hours so we madly rushed around and straitened everything up before we left.  We got to the soup kitchen a little late, then worked on a few things that needed to be done for set up and soon it was lunch.  Isabel was going to meet us at the church after lunch.  We then drove home and got our swimming suits just hanging out at the house until two.       With my on call shift ending at 3pm and it taking me an hour to get there we with the phone still turned on headed towards the beach to Isaac Hale and Pohoiki warm springs.   The kids played for several hours then we tried out the hot pool before heading home.                 Caleb jumping in.    And Hannah jumping in!     The dog below would find floating coconuts and would husk it with its teeth like a play toy, such a perfect dog to have here in Hawaii!  Husking the coconut is the hardest job, breaking it open after that is easy.         A little path through the trees to the warm pool!    Caleb was braking into this coconut for us, he gave up after a short while.     On the way home from the soup kitchen Chad asked the kids if they had fun with Isabel and it was a unanimous yell, “YES,” from the back seat followed by, “we have to go there again!” Thanks for the fun day Isabel.  

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