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Caleb wants to be Shel Silverstein 

The Town Monkey

By Caleb Owens

I’m the town monkey,

And I live in Monkey,

And can’t think of anything to rhyme, 

And out comes a monkey, a bald headed monkey,

And now everything is fine.

Oh The Wind

By Caleb Owens

I can smell flowers, on the wind,

I can smell spring, on the wind,

It’s too good of a smell to fathom.

But, oh I wish I wasn’t in the bathroom. 

Oh the wind.

(He was at my grandparents bathroom in the shop with the window open….I clarified what wind he was talking about here.) 

My Sorrows Are HERE

By Caleb Owens

Oh, my sorrows like the sea,

The sea must be related to me.

And if I sing my parents think,

And oh, my sorrows are here. 

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Up early out late

Thank goodness Chuck and Donna set their alarms last night because I thought Chad had and so didn’t set one which is out of character for me.  We usually both have our alarms set. We got a text wake up call from Donna at 5:30AM.  I jumped up and grabbed the load of our previous day’s clothes out of the dryer so we could put them back on.  Grandma also had a stash of clothes that she had found on clearance at Kohls and saved away for the kids.  So between the two piles the kids picked clothes to wear and the rest got tucked away in their backpacks.  Cold cereal  or cold pizza were the options for breakfast.  Eve was the last one to get up.  I went around grandma and grandpa’s room folding the blankets from their sleepover making some noise in an attempt to wake her up slowly.  She stirred but did not wake.  I then lifted her up asking her if she was ready to go to Hawaii.  She said “no, I want to stay here with grandma.”  Poor thing she never does too well with getting woke up before she is ready.  

We had to take two cars to the airport so Chuck rode with Chad and I rode with Donna and the kids.  

We were pleasantly surprised when for three people for three months we were able to get away with five backpacks, two carry on sized bags that we checked more for convenience than necessity and two car seats. 

We had to get the group feet PDX photo and I love it!  Just another way to document the many blessing that we have been given by God.  Family, adventure, and another job provided just as he has promised to be our provider. 

The kids were tired but good.  Five hours in a plane was almost too much for Eve.  She would slip out of her seatbelt and run down the walkway to the bathroom not waiting for accompaniment, too much longer and it would have started getting less cute to our fellow passengers. 

Caleb made collages for his inflight entertainment.

We split paths in Oahu.  Chad and the kids continued on to Hilo and me taking a jaunt to the Board of Nursing to get my temporary nursing license which is in the beautiful King Kalakaua  building which, can you believe it, I did not take a picture of.  The whole jaunt took maybe an hour and two taxi rides but was definitely a stretch for me to go somewhere without Chad to tell me what to do and keep me organized.  I am so dependent on that guy which says a lot about his dependability, but it is good for me to stretch myself and this time I got there, got my license, and got back in a timely manner and all in one piece.  

Had one expensive dinner from Starbucks…decaf soy latte, veggies, bag of chips and what I thought was chocolate covered coffee beans came to $17.  That wasn’t my smartest money spent. Finding gf food at airports is always interesting and time at home was just too quickly spent on the most important things and meal planning ahead did not make the list.  We were lucky to get our bags packed in time.  Wednesday evening when we finally opened our vacuum seal bags to pack I had just about decided that none of it really mattered as long as the kids made it on the plane and I was able to get my nursing lisence without a hitch.  I had almost four hours until my flight so it wasn’t too much longer until I went in search for a bathroom and just a little bit more food.  I noticed a few books at the store that would be great.  I knew I could probably get them cheaper on Amizon, but I still got one.  The ultimate Big Island guidebook that I am pretty excited about. 

Now I am not putting credence into mythology, but I like to learn about the culture and beliefs of the people and places we visit .  

Finally it was my turn to fly to our new home tuching down at  9:06 PM Hawaii time.  So ready to check out our new place. 



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Our Singer

Eve wanted some “quiet time” outside by herself.  Grandma supervised her since she was so close to the road.

She sings pretty much non-stop and its all ad lib.  I just love her.

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Tomorrow Hawaii

I just don’t have the heart to write tonight… So much on my mind and in my heart.  Meeting with amazing longtime friends, friends in hard places, beautiful new friends, and hard goodbyes.  It is all so good, but exhausting. maybe sleeping on it and some contemplative time on the airplane tomorrow will help me put my thoughts in order.  Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support.  We feel and appreciate it so much.

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Ready for the Island

I have wanted my own camping hammock for several years now. However, have not wanted to spend the $65+ on a quality one (for just the hammock not including suspension).  So I started to do my research and found some instructions on making my own. I was able to find some material in the bargain bin at Walmart. And went to work with the good old singer thread injector. A few hours later I had my own hammock.


After completing the big item I had to move on to getting my suspension and to make some sacks to out them in. After several more hours of work I had accomplished my first bug diy (myog) backpacking project.



I am so happy that I have a piece of gear that I have really wanted for a long time and it cost less than $40. Who knows what my next project will be but all I can say is that I am ready for the tropical island breeze.


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Big Check Off List

Four days seems like a good enough amount of time to get a considerable amount of things done and preparations made.  The most urgent thing on our list was getting the last three hoops jumped through for Hilo Employee Health.  Where other companies and hospitals have been fine with my childhood MMR series and proof of one adult booster Hilo wanted either two boosters or a titer (blood drawn proving I am immune).  They wanted not only the size of the respirator mask I needed but the numbers had to be of certain kinds so even though I had a respirator fit test in July, and my face hasn’t changed much.  The provider wasn’t specific enough for them it had to be a mask from the 1860  series?! Don’t ask me I just show up for the fit test and they do what they like.  I am no respirator mask expert.  Then my full medical screen in July and my “I’m healthy enough to work” paper signed by my primary care provider in April that have been sent now three times to the new company were not adequate.  I kept asking for the specifics of what was missing so when I went into the doctor I could tell them exactly what I needed. Bingo!  Finally I asked the right person that question.  Because after two weeks of fighting that battle a half hour later they were calling me telling me that what I have works, few! First major battle won! I got into my primary doctor’s office, really just the lab, for a titer draw thinking it would be resulted quick when after the draw was done the phlebotomist informed me it could take up to 48 hours for results, but most likely they would come in 24. (This was a problem because There is a everything has to be done by today or you have to wait another week to start work thumb on me)  shortly after we left the doctors offic and were on our way home to pick up the kids from Stephanie my OB provider clinic after a week of looking (not their fault storage facilities fault) finally found my chart and was able to fact my rubella titer to the company from a few years ago yay!!! Another one down!  The earliest I could get in was tomorrow to occupational health and Hilo employee health would not do it for me even though they do it for their own employees. Frustrating, but I guess I understand…maybe.  They said we understand you had the fit test and you where that mask, we just need a note signed by a doctor saying so.  OKAY! Now your talking.  I know plenty of doctors who would love to help me with that one.  Done!  Few. We stopped in and visited Louanne at work as she hadn’t seen the kids since summer. Then we had lunch with the kids and Grandma Owens at Subway.  It was good.  Poor grandma the kids pile around her one on each side one one on her lap.  I have to check periodically that they haven’t smothered her as they have to be touching her all the time.  I think she was enjoying it, but still, good grief.  

Grandma took the kids for a sleep over after lunch and we headed North.  I had a friend that I hadn’t seen in over a year that was at the top of my must see and hug list so we took the rest of the afternoon to visit with her.  We enjoyed the beautiful drive and quiet time.  It was medicinal for both of us to catch up.  Chad and I were practically silent the whole ride back, so many thoughts swirling around in our heads.  We stopped in at the friend recommended Joe’s Crab Shack for a date night dinner, and watched the sun set. 

We finished dinner and checked the GPS.  If we hurried we still could make it to Costco in Salem to pick up pictures with two minutes to spare before they closed.  We B-lined it through Portland and actually made it with 7 min. to spare.  Chad got gas as I ran in and picked up the pictures. We the. Headed to the church to watch Jayson play church league  basketball.  The sound of squeaky tennis shoes on the gym floor and the pounding of the basketball down the court brought back so many good memories from highschool.  I guess I haven’t been in a gym watching sports since my sisters were in highschool and that has been a while.  There were more familiar faces and I took the oportunity to visit with a friend that recently had her fourth little bundle of joy.  I just love babies!  Babies and new mommies! Of course this is not her first but still….that is when you know you are doing what you were made to do.  It (being with and supporting moms and babies) is what I would chose to do even if I wasn’t getting paid.  Kelly thanks for letting me love on little Charlie.  

– side note: I didn’t get confirmation that all was received because my confirmation texts and emails were unanswered.   A call this morning reviewed that the fit test had not yet been received and now they are questioning that I might need another titer of some kind…….thank you for all your prayers that this would fall into place.  And LORD in the meantime help me to feel peace in knowing it is all in your hands. 

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Feels Odd And Out Of Place

We were/are so happy to have made it home in time to make it to church this morning.  So many familiar faces and warm hugs.  I’m not sure what we expected, we just want to be with the people we love. If we could visit every one at home instead of at church we would, it’s just not possible.  We hit Faith Promise weekend and the message pulled at our hearts.  No matter where you are or what you do you are called to witness/minister to those around you.  We got to go to lunch with Grandpa Owens at Olive Garden after church. I really just wanted to pick up some food and eat at grandpa’s house because I was feeling tired and just wanted to relax, but lunch went really well and all in all was quite relaxing.  The kids (Eve) was better than usual and the conversation meaningful.  I know I say this a lot, we know that we have been blessed with God fearing, loving and supportive family.  May we never take it for granted.  After lunch we hurried home and changed clothes.  I dropped Hannah off to spend some time with her best friend and headed to urgent care.  I still need to either prove that I am rubella immune or get one more MMR.  Urgent care said they do not give immunizations on the weekend and to call back at 0800.  With not much more I could do there I headed, a little early to Broadway Coffee House to meet with a friend.  The coffee was great, the company even better.  May we continue to encourage each other in our walk with Christ.  On the way home I decided that I couldn’t possible drive so close to Louanne’s house with out stopping in to say hi.  It was too short but oh so good to see her smiling face.  I got home to discover that Chad had been quite productive with his time and had sewn a hammock out of nylon he found in the bargain bin at Walmart. We took turns letting the kids test the hammock and then Jayson, Stephanie and I held it up while Chad tested it out.  We got two thumbs up from every tester so Chad must have done a pretty good job.  Steph made a delicious dinner of coose coose and chicken with a side salad.  It hit the spot and was fun to all be crowded around the table together.  Hannah came home during dinner and appeared to have had a wonderful time.  I love that she had such a fun time and developed such a solid friendship.  I could not have picked a better little girlfriend for her.  The kids all played well with Cyrus until bedtime.  One day down… We have so much to do in the next three.

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A little more family time on our way home

Although it’s never enough time we will take what we can get.  It has been great being stationed in California these last three months. 

We’re so glad to be back in Oregon if only for a few days.  

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Travel Nursing: Living On Purpose

I know it is easy to complain about the hard parts of our jobs.  I always steel myself for the worst, abolishing any thought that it’s going to be easy or that I’m going to love it.  There are definitely hard parts, so far though I have been pleasantly surprised every time.  For us travel nursing equals a working vacation, learning about the United States, visiting family, seeing the sights, hands on experience, and meeting new friends.  It is a constant challenge, as soon as you get comfortable it is time for a new assignment and starting all over.  We felt like God was calling us out of our comfort zones, away from our support system to a place where we were required to put our faith and trust solely in him.  During this next assignment we will hit the one year anniversary of our life as a full time travel nurse family.  Our original plan was for this period in our lives to be up to five years with purposeful reassessment and prayer for God’s direction in our lives yearly. With Easter just around the corner (our one year anniversary) we would appreciate your prayers specifically that God in his time will make clear the path that we are to take.  That he would continue to open the doors that we are to walk through and that we would be receptive to his leading. 

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