Big Check Off List

Four days seems like a good enough amount of time to get a considerable amount of things done and preparations made.  The most urgent thing on our list was getting the last three hoops jumped through for Hilo Employee Health.  Where other companies and hospitals have been fine with my childhood MMR series and proof of one adult booster Hilo wanted either two boosters or a titer (blood drawn proving I am immune).  They wanted not only the size of the respirator mask I needed but the numbers had to be of certain kinds so even though I had a respirator fit test in July, and my face hasn’t changed much.  The provider wasn’t specific enough for them it had to be a mask from the 1860  series?! Don’t ask me I just show up for the fit test and they do what they like.  I am no respirator mask expert.  Then my full medical screen in July and my “I’m healthy enough to work” paper signed by my primary care provider in April that have been sent now three times to the new company were not adequate.  I kept asking for the specifics of what was missing so when I went into the doctor I could tell them exactly what I needed. Bingo!  Finally I asked the right person that question.  Because after two weeks of fighting that battle a half hour later they were calling me telling me that what I have works, few! First major battle won! I got into my primary doctor’s office, really just the lab, for a titer draw thinking it would be resulted quick when after the draw was done the phlebotomist informed me it could take up to 48 hours for results, but most likely they would come in 24. (This was a problem because There is a everything has to be done by today or you have to wait another week to start work thumb on me)  shortly after we left the doctors offic and were on our way home to pick up the kids from Stephanie my OB provider clinic after a week of looking (not their fault storage facilities fault) finally found my chart and was able to fact my rubella titer to the company from a few years ago yay!!! Another one down!  The earliest I could get in was tomorrow to occupational health and Hilo employee health would not do it for me even though they do it for their own employees. Frustrating, but I guess I understand…maybe.  They said we understand you had the fit test and you where that mask, we just need a note signed by a doctor saying so.  OKAY! Now your talking.  I know plenty of doctors who would love to help me with that one.  Done!  Few. We stopped in and visited Louanne at work as she hadn’t seen the kids since summer. Then we had lunch with the kids and Grandma Owens at Subway.  It was good.  Poor grandma the kids pile around her one on each side one one on her lap.  I have to check periodically that they haven’t smothered her as they have to be touching her all the time.  I think she was enjoying it, but still, good grief.  

Grandma took the kids for a sleep over after lunch and we headed North.  I had a friend that I hadn’t seen in over a year that was at the top of my must see and hug list so we took the rest of the afternoon to visit with her.  We enjoyed the beautiful drive and quiet time.  It was medicinal for both of us to catch up.  Chad and I were practically silent the whole ride back, so many thoughts swirling around in our heads.  We stopped in at the friend recommended Joe’s Crab Shack for a date night dinner, and watched the sun set. 

We finished dinner and checked the GPS.  If we hurried we still could make it to Costco in Salem to pick up pictures with two minutes to spare before they closed.  We B-lined it through Portland and actually made it with 7 min. to spare.  Chad got gas as I ran in and picked up the pictures. We the. Headed to the church to watch Jayson play church league  basketball.  The sound of squeaky tennis shoes on the gym floor and the pounding of the basketball down the court brought back so many good memories from highschool.  I guess I haven’t been in a gym watching sports since my sisters were in highschool and that has been a while.  There were more familiar faces and I took the oportunity to visit with a friend that recently had her fourth little bundle of joy.  I just love babies!  Babies and new mommies! Of course this is not her first but still….that is when you know you are doing what you were made to do.  It (being with and supporting moms and babies) is what I would chose to do even if I wasn’t getting paid.  Kelly thanks for letting me love on little Charlie.  

– side note: I didn’t get confirmation that all was received because my confirmation texts and emails were unanswered.   A call this morning reviewed that the fit test had not yet been received and now they are questioning that I might need another titer of some kind…….thank you for all your prayers that this would fall into place.  And LORD in the meantime help me to feel peace in knowing it is all in your hands. 

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