Ready for the Island

I have wanted my own camping hammock for several years now. However, have not wanted to spend the $65+ on a quality one (for just the hammock not including suspension).  So I started to do my research and found some instructions on making my own. I was able to find some material in the bargain bin at Walmart. And went to work with the good old singer thread injector. A few hours later I had my own hammock.


After completing the big item I had to move on to getting my suspension and to make some sacks to out them in. After several more hours of work I had accomplished my first bug diy (myog) backpacking project.



I am so happy that I have a piece of gear that I have really wanted for a long time and it cost less than $40. Who knows what my next project will be but all I can say is that I am ready for the tropical island breeze.


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