Feels Odd And Out Of Place

We were/are so happy to have made it home in time to make it to church this morning.  So many familiar faces and warm hugs.  I’m not sure what we expected, we just want to be with the people we love. If we could visit every one at home instead of at church we would, it’s just not possible.  We hit Faith Promise weekend and the message pulled at our hearts.  No matter where you are or what you do you are called to witness/minister to those around you.  We got to go to lunch with Grandpa Owens at Olive Garden after church. I really just wanted to pick up some food and eat at grandpa’s house because I was feeling tired and just wanted to relax, but lunch went really well and all in all was quite relaxing.  The kids (Eve) was better than usual and the conversation meaningful.  I know I say this a lot, we know that we have been blessed with God fearing, loving and supportive family.  May we never take it for granted.  After lunch we hurried home and changed clothes.  I dropped Hannah off to spend some time with her best friend and headed to urgent care.  I still need to either prove that I am rubella immune or get one more MMR.  Urgent care said they do not give immunizations on the weekend and to call back at 0800.  With not much more I could do there I headed, a little early to Broadway Coffee House to meet with a friend.  The coffee was great, the company even better.  May we continue to encourage each other in our walk with Christ.  On the way home I decided that I couldn’t possible drive so close to Louanne’s house with out stopping in to say hi.  It was too short but oh so good to see her smiling face.  I got home to discover that Chad had been quite productive with his time and had sewn a hammock out of nylon he found in the bargain bin at Walmart. We took turns letting the kids test the hammock and then Jayson, Stephanie and I held it up while Chad tested it out.  We got two thumbs up from every tester so Chad must have done a pretty good job.  Steph made a delicious dinner of coose coose and chicken with a side salad.  It hit the spot and was fun to all be crowded around the table together.  Hannah came home during dinner and appeared to have had a wonderful time.  I love that she had such a fun time and developed such a solid friendship.  I could not have picked a better little girlfriend for her.  The kids all played well with Cyrus until bedtime.  One day down… We have so much to do in the next three.

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