Caleb wants to be Shel Silverstein 

The Town Monkey

By Caleb Owens

I’m the town monkey,

And I live in Monkey,

And can’t think of anything to rhyme, 

And out comes a monkey, a bald headed monkey,

And now everything is fine.

Oh The Wind

By Caleb Owens

I can smell flowers, on the wind,

I can smell spring, on the wind,

It’s too good of a smell to fathom.

But, oh I wish I wasn’t in the bathroom. 

Oh the wind.

(He was at my grandparents bathroom in the shop with the window open….I clarified what wind he was talking about here.) 

My Sorrows Are HERE

By Caleb Owens

Oh, my sorrows like the sea,

The sea must be related to me.

And if I sing my parents think,

And oh, my sorrows are here. 

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