Up early out late

Thank goodness Chuck and Donna set their alarms last night because I thought Chad had and so didn’t set one which is out of character for me.  We usually both have our alarms set. We got a text wake up call from Donna at 5:30AM.  I jumped up and grabbed the load of our previous day’s clothes out of the dryer so we could put them back on.  Grandma also had a stash of clothes that she had found on clearance at Kohls and saved away for the kids.  So between the two piles the kids picked clothes to wear and the rest got tucked away in their backpacks.  Cold cereal  or cold pizza were the options for breakfast.  Eve was the last one to get up.  I went around grandma and grandpa’s room folding the blankets from their sleepover making some noise in an attempt to wake her up slowly.  She stirred but did not wake.  I then lifted her up asking her if she was ready to go to Hawaii.  She said “no, I want to stay here with grandma.”  Poor thing she never does too well with getting woke up before she is ready.  

We had to take two cars to the airport so Chuck rode with Chad and I rode with Donna and the kids.  

We were pleasantly surprised when for three people for three months we were able to get away with five backpacks, two carry on sized bags that we checked more for convenience than necessity and two car seats. 

We had to get the group feet PDX photo and I love it!  Just another way to document the many blessing that we have been given by God.  Family, adventure, and another job provided just as he has promised to be our provider. 

The kids were tired but good.  Five hours in a plane was almost too much for Eve.  She would slip out of her seatbelt and run down the walkway to the bathroom not waiting for accompaniment, too much longer and it would have started getting less cute to our fellow passengers. 

Caleb made collages for his inflight entertainment.

We split paths in Oahu.  Chad and the kids continued on to Hilo and me taking a jaunt to the Board of Nursing to get my temporary nursing license which is in the beautiful King Kalakaua  building which, can you believe it, I did not take a picture of.  The whole jaunt took maybe an hour and two taxi rides but was definitely a stretch for me to go somewhere without Chad to tell me what to do and keep me organized.  I am so dependent on that guy which says a lot about his dependability, but it is good for me to stretch myself and this time I got there, got my license, and got back in a timely manner and all in one piece.  

Had one expensive dinner from Starbucks…decaf soy latte, veggies, bag of chips and what I thought was chocolate covered coffee beans came to $17.  That wasn’t my smartest money spent. Finding gf food at airports is always interesting and time at home was just too quickly spent on the most important things and meal planning ahead did not make the list.  We were lucky to get our bags packed in time.  Wednesday evening when we finally opened our vacuum seal bags to pack I had just about decided that none of it really mattered as long as the kids made it on the plane and I was able to get my nursing lisence without a hitch.  I had almost four hours until my flight so it wasn’t too much longer until I went in search for a bathroom and just a little bit more food.  I noticed a few books at the store that would be great.  I knew I could probably get them cheaper on Amizon, but I still got one.  The ultimate Big Island guidebook that I am pretty excited about. 

Now I am not putting credence into mythology, but I like to learn about the culture and beliefs of the people and places we visit .  

Finally it was my turn to fly to our new home tuching down at  9:06 PM Hawaii time.  So ready to check out our new place. 



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