Travel Nursing: Living On Purpose

I know it is easy to complain about the hard parts of our jobs.  I always steel myself for the worst, abolishing any thought that it’s going to be easy or that I’m going to love it.  There are definitely hard parts, so far though I have been pleasantly surprised every time.  For us travel nursing equals a working vacation, learning about the United States, visiting family, seeing the sights, hands on experience, and meeting new friends.  It is a constant challenge, as soon as you get comfortable it is time for a new assignment and starting all over.  We felt like God was calling us out of our comfort zones, away from our support system to a place where we were required to put our faith and trust solely in him.  During this next assignment we will hit the one year anniversary of our life as a full time travel nurse family.  Our original plan was for this period in our lives to be up to five years with purposeful reassessment and prayer for God’s direction in our lives yearly. With Easter just around the corner (our one year anniversary) we would appreciate your prayers specifically that God in his time will make clear the path that we are to take.  That he would continue to open the doors that we are to walk through and that we would be receptive to his leading. 

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One thought on “Travel Nursing: Living On Purpose

  1. You’ve got our prayers and a bit of admiration. We’re just starting this path.

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