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Home in Homer

It was a late night/early morning but I didn’t dare sleep in.  Ruth had to go to work at 0900 and so there would only be the morning to spend with her.  Coffee, pancakes, eggs and home made jelly were on the menu.  Matthew added Alaskan Blueberries left over from Sakota’s wedding to the pancake batter and explained to us just exactly what Fireweed jelly is and how it is made.  It tastes a lot like honey and is made from juicing the flowers of the fireweed plant.  Two little guys joined us because their momma had a dentist appointment.  We headed into town to checkout the Island and Oceans center and the “spit”.  

Anyone else want a deal intestine rain jacket?

This showed the hight difference between low and high tides. 

After the Islands and Oceans center which besides a movie about biologists working on the Tiglax boat the kids practically ran through.  They still have so much pent up energy from spending so much time in the car.  Matthew has been spending s lot of his Alaska time working on boats and so he wanted to show us the harbor.  We stopped at one of his favorite boats that has been pulled up to dry dock using huge air bags for cleaning, just in time to see his old boss climb up the ladder and disappear inside not before they hollered out a hello to Matt.  We were about to go up past the cones and see the boat up close. 

The cone just behind us is to push the ice out of the way and just above it connecting it to the boat is a blade to cut through the ice.  When we were lookin at some of the other big boats a few of the cones had some major dents in them from hitting icebergs.  

After we walked around the harbor checking out all the beautifully colorful and different boats we headed to what we hear is the best seafood restaurant in Alaska called Captain Pattie’s Fish House.  Caleb, Chad, and I got the Char Grilled Seafood Sampler the scallops were to die for, the truth is it all was.  Hannah and Eve had halibut and fries, Matthew had giant prawns…we can attest to this being the best seafood we have ever had.  We went to the school, picked up a truck and tables, stopping in to see Ruth at work.  We dropped a few vehicles off at the house and picked up the boat.  We had a few hours to spare so why not.  It was so fun to do something (and watch Matthew do something) that he loves.  We loved it too! So fun! So adventurous! 

It is hard to see but Hannah managed to take a picture of a bald eagle!  We have seen quite a few of them But either they have been too far away or we weren’t quick enough to get a photo.

When we got out of the harbor it was pretty choppy with pretty good sized swells for the 20′ boat. The photo below I was trying to take a picture of an otter playing in the waves.  We only saw a couple on the drive but in our way out to the spit we saw a whole bunch of otters. 

Eve fell asleep on the way out and we had to hold her on her chair so she wouldn’t get thrown off.  Caleb got coached on how to drive a boat on the way out.  He did a great job. 

We got pretty wet heading back to the harbor, and arived back at the house just before 7:00pm.  We had heard that the pastor was coming over at 7:00pm, we had no idea that we were going to get to meet Elijah, Sakota’s husband, his parents and several of his siblings, and several other friends as well as the pastor and his wife.  The house was filled with people and kids everywhere for sure reminding me of my childhood and the community that is developed in small towns  and small churches.  Similar to so many holidays and Sunday afternoons with our house full of Matthew and Ruth’s family as well as ours, and often others.  Always there was plenty of kids and plenty of laughter.  The kids were my favorite for sure and after the party was over I found a selfie on my phone from one of the boys that hung out with us this morning and was back in the evening for the party. 

After everyone left for home Matt asked if he could take the kids out in the jeep since they had been asking him if they could ride in it.  We had two hours until we needed to be at the ferry and it was definately still light out so we said sure.  They were so excited. 

It wasn’t very long until he ducked his head back in the door and asked Chad if he would like to go for a ride.  Ruth asked if he had gotten himself stuck and he with a big grin relplied, “I found a new hole 😂”.  Chad headed out with him and I headed to get a shower before getting on the ferry.  I was happy to see that they had a blast.  Caleb is convinced that he needs a jeep for his first car. 

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Kenai Penensula and Byron Glacier

I was thinking that today’s blog was going to have to wait until tomorrow as, well, that is only in a few minutes. But I wanted to at least share a few pictures.  This first bit is from our drive from Anchorage to Portage Glacier visitor center. 

We took a short one mile each way hike to Byron Glacier.  There were avalanche warnings and we thought about the bear spray and bear bells we did not yet have for hiking.  This made us think about Grandma Owens and Great Grandma Brown who I’m sure would love to know that we were hiking in bear country with out them.  Don’t worry Eve sang the whole time at the top of her lungs there was very small chance that we would catch a bear by surprise.  The glacier is receded as the last several winters here have been short on snow and more mild temperatures, but we could get to the snow, we just felt like we shouldn’t hike to the glacier with out the sign-suggested avalanche training.  So we stopped short when the snow started and enjoyed the glacier from a distance. 

 Glacier girl to the rescue.  After our invigorating hike we piled back in the car and passed out the left over pizza from the night before as we made our way south to Soldotna for a play date withe the Shoemakers.  We picked up some drinks to eat with our left over pizza on the way and made a picnick lunch out of it (totally Jen’s good idea).  Our kids warmed up to eachother quickly and played well together.  We got to meet the new family addition baby Logan he is almost a year and not supper babyish any more but still it was the first time we had been able to meet him. 
We went on a walk down to the river.  And the kids made busy about throwing rocks into the swiftly moving water. We so enjoyed their company.  It is fun to watch them all run off in pairs each with a playmate and no one left out.  Luke was my favorite to watch, and Logan’s long eyelashes were pretty awesome too.  Jen and John have such good kids they are a joy to be around.  It was sad to say goodbye but they needed to get Lyla ready for her jazz recital and we were needing to push on to Homer to find our formerly Cambridge friends/family.  The view in Homer is amazing we could hardly take our eyes off the mountains and glaciers across the bay so beautiful for sure.  We arived after discovering that google maps isn’t the most accurate tool in these parts it for us close (with in 1.5 miles or so) but it was far enough away that we didn’t find the place in our own.  Matthew jumped in his jeep and met us and we fiollowed him back home.  Sakota visited shortly after we arived it was so good to see her.  We headed into town and visited Ruth at work, tested the pho in Homer and it passed the test for dinner, and then the kids ran off some energy at the park.  Now this park has a view!!! 

We played at the park until Ruth got off work then met up with her at the house.  She made sure to give the kids a hard time and do they felt right at home.  We talked and Hannah braided Ruth’s hair before we knew it it was almost midnight.  This whole not really dark until after 11:00pm thing will be a whole new beast.  Good night all many thanks for your prayers and much love to you from Alaska. 

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Testing, Testing, 1…2…3

We had quite the view from our room this morning.  We all slept in more than usual.  The kids have not been getting to sleep until close to midnight since Friday night as we were getting things ready for this assignment and packing the car then, we have been pushing on until dark which doesn’t happen this far north until 11:30pm usually we push on but the kids fall asleep in the back of the car in the dark.  It turns out that if it does not get dark they stay awake indefinitely.  After this many late nights in a row it is finally catching up to them. 


We were across the street from Target and Starbucks so I dug out the laptop to take a few required tests at Starbucks while my crew found some breakfast and looked around Target for a new camera for Caleb. I did not know how many tests to expect but anticipated that it would be the normal four or five.  I don’t know if it was because at this hospital there is a different vender manager than my own company (although there was also a different vender manager with my last assignment), but the list of tests went on and on, I counted them up and there was 32 tests…. Some of the tests were sixty questions long some four questions long. Most of them I had to get 100% on to pass if you didn’t get 100% you had to retake it and the questions were different each time.  Some were multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, and some had multiple answers and you had to select all that applied.  You can see why I was getting frustrated…one of the questions I got wrong because the answer was The Joint Commission and I only put Joint Commission. 

This is a small portion of the list of tests it scrolls down, way down.

 These are a normal list that employees in the hospital setting have to take every year, I get the pleasure of taking them every three months.  There normally isn’t this many, and I have taken a lot of them for my agency, some like fire safety and restraints I have taken already this week for my agency and here I am taking them again.  The way many of the questions were worded with their fill in the blanks and multiple correct answers I would have to scan the attached document (many pages) for the correct answer so I wouldn’t have to take the quiz several times.  They don’t relate to my field of expertise, and questions like how long the Ebola Virus is present in seminal fluid after a patent has recovered from the desease and no longer considered contagious in any other way are not things I have a lot (insert any) experience with.  The few tests that were applicable to my specialty were crazy as well. How far apart are the contractions in the photo below?  
There was about 10 minutes of strip showing and the intervals ranges from the above one minute to three minutes with two intervals being one and two intervals being three.  The answer options were:

1. 1-2 minutes 

2. 2-3 minutes

3. 3-4 minutes

4. 4-5 minutes…..

Hmmm I have a 50% chance of getting it right.  I selected the 1-2 minutes and of course got it wrong, but you can clearly see in the photo that those two contractions are infact one minute apart. I ended up passing the test, but everyone that I got wrong I could tell you why my answer was right and I was willing to fight for it as they were only going to give me one chance to pass the test.  At one point I even called my recruiter because it was rediculous.  I have had tests that were way out of date for current best practice and evidence based practice in the past, but I have had two chances to pass it and what ever I got wrong on the first I could remember the incorrect answer and give them what they wanted on the second go around in order to pass the test.  With my blood near boiling with frustration, and shakey having had only coffee, a banana and a marshmallow dream bar all day I called it quits at 2:30pm Chad and the kids had been to a few stores, had breakfast, then later had lunch at Carl’s Jr while the kids played in the play place and were again sitting in the car outside of Starbucks waiting for me to finish.  I climbed in the car and turned on the hotspot on my phone and kept testing as we drove up and checked out Palmer, I was feeling sick to my stomache as I was hungry and coffee just doesn’t settle for me if I haven’t had anything else.  I took a picture of the Palmer water tower for Steph and Chad noted how bad I was shaking.  I joked that it was ok to drink two cups of coffee when I’m not at work since it always affects me that way my patients don’t appreciate it when I have to start IVs with the shakes.  I’m a good shot and I still get them, but they interpret them as nerves until I apologize for my coffee shakes.  So, I try not to drink more than one cup of coffee per half shift when I’m at work.  All the same I needed to get something on my stomach. Chad had remembered a sushi place on our way back through Wasilla where he could run into and just get one order of Caifornia rolls to go.  I worked on some more tests and let Trevor and Hillary know we were on our way.  Chad came back with a box and exclaimed that they better be the best California rolls in the world as they were a whopping $17.  I gues he didn’t even look at the menu and the prices just ordered California rolls.  We opened up the box to discover this. 

 I have never seen purple rice, a quick internet search states that the purple rice is black rice that turned purple when it is cooked it is higher in some vitamins and sweeter than white rices. They were loaded with crab, and raw asparagus I would not have known they were supposed to be California rolls and would have not believed it, but Chad doesn’t make a habit of lying to me so I’m pretty sure that is what they are supposed to be.  So good so good.  They calmed my stomach and I was able to keep plugging away on the tests.  Luckily we had cell service all the way to Anchorage and the last several tests were things I had experience with so I didn’t have to scan pages of info to answer each question.  I finished the last question of the last test as we pulled into our friend’s driveway near 4:00pm.   A nearly 8 hour day of just testing, I understand that it is a accreditation compliance issue but good grief.  We enjoyed visiting with Hillary, Trevor and their beautiful little girl.  We haven’t seen them since I was way pregnant with Eve so it had been a while. Trevor was one of Chad’s roommates at NNU, it was fun to see them on their own turf.  They suggested pizza for dinner at a local favorite called Moose’s Tooth where they brew their own root beer.  The pizza was great and Caleb decided that we must try to make our own root beer.  It was so good to visit with friends that we almost never get to see and meet their new family addition.  Thank you guys for dinner and the time to fellowship, we so enjoyed it. 

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Alaska Or Bust

We stayed in Beaver Creek last night only 19 miles from the boarder.  We had pushed on quite late and decided to stop instead of trying to make it into Alaka so late.  It ended up being the right decision as our hotel was a good price, and it allowed us to get pictures at the Alaska sign in the light of day. 

We had decided to go up north to Fairbanks because we would not get another chance and we really wanted to see Mt. McKinley (Denali).  The snow picked up but never stuck to the road.  We decided to stop in North Pole, Alaska at The Santa Claus House as it was not at all out of our way and a suggested stop by the mile post book.  

At Fairbanks we headed south to Denali it was raining now, and the clouds were thick and low.  I looked at the forcast for the week it was to be cloudy all week.  We could stop way early or go on to the park and only have a short time time look around before it closed. 
One visitor center and the book store were open as well as the first 15 miles of the road through the park.  The rest of road is for bus only and the busses start up May 20th.  We are only a few days too early for that. 

In case you were worried we did not stop the car to take these pictures.  The car in front of us stopped, when it was our turn to go by we kept on moving.  I think this guy might be used to his celebrity status.

Wasilla (Palmer) is the city where Steph and Jayson are wanting to be it is gorgeous. 

The extended hours of light are already making getting the kids to bed in the evenings harder than usual. It is nearly midnight Oregon time and bright as day outside.  The kids won’t sleep in the car and won’t be quiet either…😬 

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Yukon Territory 

The total population of the Yukon Territory is 37,000 people.  27,000 of them live in the Capitol city of Whitehorse.  Needless to say most of the day as we drove through we saw very little people and very few gas stations (They are strategically placed though, nearly every 100 miles there is a gas station) 

 A beautiful place to have a rest stop. 

We could have pushed on to Alaska today, but we should give Yukon Territory one night right?!?   I would love to come back through here with plenty of time to camp my way up.  Kyacks, fishing poles and hiking gear would be a must.  Everywhere you look the view is amazing.

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Bear, Bear, Bear, Moose

The kids have been sleeping in lately.  We must have completely warn them out because since birth we have been unable to convince them to even sleep in until 0700 on a regular basis and it doesn’t matter how early it is if we are moving around they are up.  This morning it took breakfast to coax them out of bed around 0800.  Yesterday we had to as well. I wonder how long that will last.  The drive has been gorgeous.  The towns and gas stations have been getting farther and farther apart.  If you miss one it will be 90km to the next.  And just because there is a town doesn’t mean it has a hotel or restaurant in it.  Luckily gas stations and a hotel seem to be had by most.  We had planned to stop around 8:00pm but the hotel was more of a resort and it was nearly 12:00am before we found another. Oops it was light until after 11:00pm so it didn’t feel as late as it was anyway.  Our wildlife total today was 7 bears, one coyote, and one moose.  There was also one large hawk (I don’t know my hawks well and can’t tell you what kind it was).  

Poutine is a Canadian dish of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy.  We had them with our lunch.  The kids were a fan of the new dish. 

More pictures to come when we have better wifi.  We have been working on getting just these few pictures on here since I woke up 0550.  At this point we have to get on the road. 

We tried a few new foods the kids were pleased that the gas stations so far have taken their American money, they also have been pleased with the Canadian money they have been getting back as change. 

It was hard to take any pictures through all of the bug guts on the window.  We stopped frequently for gas never getting below 1/2 a tank, washing the window everytime we stopped and still lit was hardly see through. 

Instead I started taking pictures through the mirrors as they stayed bug free a little longer. 

We got into Dease Lake late.  It didn’t really get dark until around 11:00-11:30pm. 

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Oh Canada

Oh Oregon, oh Washington, Oh Canada…it has been a good but long day.  Over six hundred miles of a long day. Not our longest day by far, but for getting started out of our house around 9:00am, terrible traffic through the Seattle area, and a boarder crossing we did pretty well. The scenery was amazing.  It was pooring down rain in Salem and cool through Washington but actually it Canada it was warm enough that we rolled the windows down and kept them down most of the drive until evening.  The boarder crossing was slow just because we had to wait our turn.  We had all of the right documents, and all of the right people, nothing suspicious and nothing to declare, so it was practically painless.  I kind of like Kilometers. With the speed limit of most roads at 100km/hour it is easy to calculate how long it will take us to get to that town that is 300km away.  100km is around 62/63 mph.  Gas hasn’t been too bad either.  We filled up in Washington for $2.64 which I wouldn’t consider to be great, but we have been told here in Canada it would be quite expensive.  We have seen it as low as $0.99 a liter.  There is 3.78 liters/gallon and $1.29 Canadian dollars/1 US dollar. So $0.99/liter is around $2.90 US dollars/gallon.  So far that is better than we expected.  

We have seen some wild life.  A white tailed dear along side the road,  a huge golden eagle perched on a log near the edge of a lake, also a moose.  We had just finished talking about how Chad was looking for moose but we hadn’t seen any moose crossing signs like there had been for deer, badger, and caribou. There were a ton of bear proof garbage cans so we were keeping eye out for them too when a big moose jumped the fence just in front of us and trotted toward the road.  We all were looking and pointing, exclaiming as the massive mamal screeched to a halt and turned.  She dove back over the fence like she had noticed those weird people in the car yelling and pointing at her and that is what spooked her. We couldn’t believe the timing of it all.  So glad she didn’t decide to continue toward the road and traffic.  

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Home For A Day

0500 start for the day.  It surprisingly did not feel like I was getting up early and was quite enjoyable.  A shower and quiet drive to French Press in South Salem for an 0600 breakfast/coffee date with Michele.  I love Michele.  We always have so much to talk about with each of us having a family of littles with our oldests in Jr. High on this homeschool journey together.  We have been bouncing schooling and parenting ideas off of eachother since Chloe was 18 months of age and Caleb was a year.  (This is an old picture but we didn’t take one this morning) Michele is someone I can always count on to influence me positively and point out perspectives and concerns that I have not yet considered.  Never a push over or a go with the flow person that holds tight to her convictions.  I always come away from our conversations thinking, “how have I never noticed that before, or she’s right I could do that so much better.” She will point out any of my excuses that are holding me back, and encourage my growth as a person constantly.  I just hope that I provide some of those same things for her.  Three hours later we were wishing we had more time.  …til September…(that seems to be the theme of this visit home.)  As much as I’m not sure how I feel about giving up the opportunities we are given to meet and love people in our travel nursing adventures there are aspects we miss about being home that we are all so ready for like being able to spend more than a couple hours a year with our dearest friends.

After coffee we took the car to get the oil changed and Jiffy Lube let us stay in the car.  Chad scanned the pile of work documents that he had printed out for me to fill out and sign last night and I took the online tests on restraints and fire. We sent more vaccination records and copies of my recent respirator fit test.  My Chest X-ray and capable-of-doing-the-physical-requirements-of-a-floor-nursing-job physical expire in late June or July.  If I end up getting into school I will have to make an appointment in Kodiak to get both of those again as I didn’t get a primary care dr. appointment fit in wile we were home.  My nursing notebook that was recommended by the instructors in the Northwest Nazarene University nursing program at the time that I attended has been a life savor.  It keeps all my important documents together and after two years of traveling it is starting to burst at the seems.  I keep a picture of my support team from the homebirth with Eve on the cover.  I kept them on my bike when I trained and rode the America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride (AMBBR) century in 2011 as motivation.  They reminded me that I am loved and supported then and still. It was kind of an odd picture to take at the time but has been a constant reminder of my greatest blessings ever since. 

 After JiffyLube we stopped by Burger Basket for lunch and AAA to pick of maps of the areas we would be driving through. That and a mile post book that Great Grandma Brown gifted to us is how we plan to navigate through Canada as we will not be able to use google maps.  Chad has printed out the recomended route from google maps so we are feeling as ready as possible for this data free challenge.  After lunch we picked up groceries getting home just after Stephanie, Jayson and the kids who had been camping at the beach for several days. Chad and Caleb went and got their hair cut.  Caleb was already packed, the girls and I packed while they were gone.  It is the most compact we have ever packed with all of each of our clothes except a few jackets fitting completely in our backpacks. 

Everyone else is packed up just as compactly with a few blankets, pillows, a tub of backpacking/camping/hiking gear  and a 31 picnicking size bag full of import books and paperwork. Chad and Hannah made enchiladas, three casserole dishes of them.  One regular one for Mark and Becky, one GF one, and an extra regular one for Stephanie and Jayson. We took one of the regular pans and the GF pan of enchiladas to the Rodli’s house stopping to check in with Great Grandma Brown and take a few rolls of coban to her on the way.  She is eager for us to make it to Alaska so she can stop worrying about our drive.  We are thankful for her prayers and all of yours as well.  It doesn’t feel like we are getting ready for a big trip to start tomorrow.  I know we are in God’s hands and he will carry us.  

The weather was perfect so we hung out in the back yard with Becky and the kids. The enchiladas were a special request from Becky (not for this baby, but in the past I think for after Brielle).  She reminded us that we have brought white sauce enchiladas over for them after every single one of their four kids.  I am glad that we had the opportunity to keep up the tradition with baby Annie.  Kailyn handed baby Annie to me shortly after we arived and I didn’t give her back the whole time we were there.  I don’t mean to be a baby hog it just happens.  I love babies! Everyone’s babies, but babies of my closest friends have a special place in my heart.  I have been with Becky through each pregnancy and birth up until Annie.  It was difficult to not be here checking in by phone and getting random updates from Kailyn.  I still kind of feel like a part of it because it has been such a journey from the delivery of Kailyn to the labor and delivery of Annie.  The next day when I talked to Becky she said, “You may not have been here physically, but you were here in my head.”  Well now (a month late) I can be here physically and I’m going to get as many baby loves, energetic toddler loves, preschool giggly loves, preteen and growing way too fast loves, and bestie loves as I can.  

Before heading home we stopped at Walmart trying to decide what we were going to do about gas cans, we didn’t buy any there.  Chuck and Donna got done with their carpet job so we met up with them to let the kids say goodbye. (Aunt Stephanie and Cyrus, and Grandma and Grandpa Owens are always our hardest goodbyes) We decided not to take the gas cans from the shop so we stopped at Fredmeyer and picked up new ones on our way home as well as filling up with gas.  We arived home late.  Cyrus had tried to stay up and wait for us and had fallen asleep next to his momma on the couch watching the cooking chanel.  He is such a sweet little guy, especially when he is sleeping.  Caleb and Hannah cycled through the shower as we packed the last few things in the car.  We weren’t going to push to get out too early.  The kids were up too late for us to do that.  A whole first travel day filled with whiny kids would not be a good way to start our journey.  

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Schreiner’s Iris Garden and a Double Date

It was funny to try to sleep in this morning even with no alarms and the window shades pulled I’m not sure if I made it quite until 0700, but all the same it felt better than waking up to an alarm.  There was no rush to get ready, but I think we were out of the room, breakfast eaten, and checked out of the hotel by 0900.  We weren’t rushing.  We were taking our time and for all of that we were on our way home to Salem fairly early.  The main things on our agenda for today was visiting Louanne and a double date dinner with Chad’s parents.  We arrived in Salem and headed strait to visit Louanne and suprise her at work, her reaction was worth it for sure.  The lady in the reception area helped us surprise her, but was cautiously eying us making sure we really were friends.  We were able to visit for a few minutes.  Louanne asked what our plans were for our time in Salem, the drive up through Canada, this next assignment, for fall, and for school.  We answered as many as we had answers for.  It is an amazing feeling to know so many people are watching out for us.  We could have visited her longer, but she had work to do so as we do regularly we will keep tabs on each other via text messaging and phone calls.  Our visit this time is just to short to even try to see too many people.  We headed to Chad’s parent’s house after that.  I made a call to the Alaska Board of Nursing and we sent out some paperwork for the second time. Donna had the brilliant idea to check out Shreiner’s Iris Gardens while we waited for Chuck to get off work.  There are going to be a ton of Iris pictures but I am having trouble narrowing them down to just a few to share. 

When Chuck got off of work we headed to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  These two are fun to double date with we never run out of things to talk about and they never treat us like kids.  Just another couple that they like spending time with. The food was excellent of course because Cheesecake Factory is awesome.  We recieved a text at 7:22pm that we had a list of things that would have to be done tomorrow before we leave on Saturday for the new hospital.  I don’t know who thinks it is a good idea to wait until the week before to get this stuff done.  I always try to get it done long before hand and usually am told that it is all done then I get this frantic message that this whole list of things has to be done and it is when I only have hours or maybe a day left at home to get it done.  It is like a wedding I guess.  But I learned from the first one that I would never do the whole wedding planning thing again ever and now I do something similar every three months. So much to coordinate, so much that we can’t do until the last minute.  We spent until 10:00 pm sending documents that should already be saved in a file somewhere.  It is a good thing we have been vigilant about keeping all of this stuff in one place. 

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Gotta Love Ashland

Ashland is such a charming little city, when ever I am in town I remember traveling from my home town of Cambridge Idaho to Ashland with my mother and Aunt Diane.  We had come to watch a few Shakespeare plays I remember Two Men From Verona in the open air traditional Elizabethian theatre. The moment we peaked over the mountains overlooking the city I was in love.  Everything was so green, the mountains so beautiful, the vegetation from a fairytale, and cute houses and shops everywhere.  We circled down the two late highway getting lower and lower toward town.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  In town we tried the lithia fountain.  The people we saw there were different too.  Not the jeans, work shirt, boot and hat wearing folks that seemed to make up the whole population of rural Idaho.  Chad and I also have had a getaway there to watch Midwinter Night’s Dream.  I’m trying to remember if it was before Caleb came along or after.  Either way he was not with us.  I think it was before, probably months before. I get to relive it’s treasured memories while making new ones.  My alarm went off at 0700 and am though that is three hours past my normal work alarm I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  My last tree nights of sleep  had been 4hrs, 4hrs, and 5.5hrs.  It was catching up with me.  We showered, dressed and checked out the continental breakfast.  Chad unknowingly had chosen  the hotel directly across the street from Southern Oregon University’s nursing program/building which made it a quick walk to class.  This class is called Helping Babies Breath (HBB) it is an American Academy of Pediatrics aproved class put in by Perinatal Rescue Network (PRN) a international ministry through Maranatha (I believe they are associated with the Assembly of God church).  They take groups of neonatal and obstetric passionate people who are trained to teach neonatal reccessitation to people who attend births in third world countries who do not have access to a lot of recourses or skilled health care workers.  With Rawanda and India being two of their main foci (there are several other places they have been). I am hoping to be able/available to help with these teaching groups when we get back from Alaska in September.  They have another class they also teach called Helping Mom’s Survive (HMS) that teaches ways to minimize risk/treat postpartum hemorrhage in these same resource limited/healthcare limited areas.  We will see if that is a door that opens for us.  I enjoyed the conversations with the senior nursing students who were taking the class as part of their schooling.  My best advise for new grads is to always do the right thing and be a hard worker and you will go far.  It is just like anything, short cuts and easy ways out of anything is a mirage… they never pay off.  There is a lot to be said for character and integrity.  

I loved this girl!  Who ever hires her will have an excellent nurse.  

Chad and I found a place called Happy Bowl for lunch.  We were headed to find tamales but pho shounded way better. 

Pho and boba tea for dessert.  It was a phenomenal lunch.  The skills lab after lunch was fun and class was done early.  Chad and I enjoyed walking around down town and sushi dinner. 

Salad sushi had asparagus in it as well as lettuce, cabbage, avacado, and real crab.  So fun.  I am enjoy g our one on one time for sure.  Part of me is ready to get home knowing we have such a short time to get everything together to head north. 

Chad bought the sign in the bag for our home for when we get settled back down here in a few more months.  Also Aunt Stephanie sent a photo of the kids enjoying camping. 

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