Alaska Or Bust

We stayed in Beaver Creek last night only 19 miles from the boarder.  We had pushed on quite late and decided to stop instead of trying to make it into Alaka so late.  It ended up being the right decision as our hotel was a good price, and it allowed us to get pictures at the Alaska sign in the light of day. 

We had decided to go up north to Fairbanks because we would not get another chance and we really wanted to see Mt. McKinley (Denali).  The snow picked up but never stuck to the road.  We decided to stop in North Pole, Alaska at The Santa Claus House as it was not at all out of our way and a suggested stop by the mile post book.  

At Fairbanks we headed south to Denali it was raining now, and the clouds were thick and low.  I looked at the forcast for the week it was to be cloudy all week.  We could stop way early or go on to the park and only have a short time time look around before it closed. 
One visitor center and the book store were open as well as the first 15 miles of the road through the park.  The rest of road is for bus only and the busses start up May 20th.  We are only a few days too early for that. 

In case you were worried we did not stop the car to take these pictures.  The car in front of us stopped, when it was our turn to go by we kept on moving.  I think this guy might be used to his celebrity status.

Wasilla (Palmer) is the city where Steph and Jayson are wanting to be it is gorgeous. 

The extended hours of light are already making getting the kids to bed in the evenings harder than usual. It is nearly midnight Oregon time and bright as day outside.  The kids won’t sleep in the car and won’t be quiet either…😬 

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