Schreiner’s Iris Garden and a Double Date

It was funny to try to sleep in this morning even with no alarms and the window shades pulled I’m not sure if I made it quite until 0700, but all the same it felt better than waking up to an alarm.  There was no rush to get ready, but I think we were out of the room, breakfast eaten, and checked out of the hotel by 0900.  We weren’t rushing.  We were taking our time and for all of that we were on our way home to Salem fairly early.  The main things on our agenda for today was visiting Louanne and a double date dinner with Chad’s parents.  We arrived in Salem and headed strait to visit Louanne and suprise her at work, her reaction was worth it for sure.  The lady in the reception area helped us surprise her, but was cautiously eying us making sure we really were friends.  We were able to visit for a few minutes.  Louanne asked what our plans were for our time in Salem, the drive up through Canada, this next assignment, for fall, and for school.  We answered as many as we had answers for.  It is an amazing feeling to know so many people are watching out for us.  We could have visited her longer, but she had work to do so as we do regularly we will keep tabs on each other via text messaging and phone calls.  Our visit this time is just to short to even try to see too many people.  We headed to Chad’s parent’s house after that.  I made a call to the Alaska Board of Nursing and we sent out some paperwork for the second time. Donna had the brilliant idea to check out Shreiner’s Iris Gardens while we waited for Chuck to get off work.  There are going to be a ton of Iris pictures but I am having trouble narrowing them down to just a few to share. 

When Chuck got off of work we headed to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  These two are fun to double date with we never run out of things to talk about and they never treat us like kids.  Just another couple that they like spending time with. The food was excellent of course because Cheesecake Factory is awesome.  We recieved a text at 7:22pm that we had a list of things that would have to be done tomorrow before we leave on Saturday for the new hospital.  I don’t know who thinks it is a good idea to wait until the week before to get this stuff done.  I always try to get it done long before hand and usually am told that it is all done then I get this frantic message that this whole list of things has to be done and it is when I only have hours or maybe a day left at home to get it done.  It is like a wedding I guess.  But I learned from the first one that I would never do the whole wedding planning thing again ever and now I do something similar every three months. So much to coordinate, so much that we can’t do until the last minute.  We spent until 10:00 pm sending documents that should already be saved in a file somewhere.  It is a good thing we have been vigilant about keeping all of this stuff in one place. 

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