Gotta Love Ashland

Ashland is such a charming little city, when ever I am in town I remember traveling from my home town of Cambridge Idaho to Ashland with my mother and Aunt Diane.  We had come to watch a few Shakespeare plays I remember Two Men From Verona in the open air traditional Elizabethian theatre. The moment we peaked over the mountains overlooking the city I was in love.  Everything was so green, the mountains so beautiful, the vegetation from a fairytale, and cute houses and shops everywhere.  We circled down the two late highway getting lower and lower toward town.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  In town we tried the lithia fountain.  The people we saw there were different too.  Not the jeans, work shirt, boot and hat wearing folks that seemed to make up the whole population of rural Idaho.  Chad and I also have had a getaway there to watch Midwinter Night’s Dream.  I’m trying to remember if it was before Caleb came along or after.  Either way he was not with us.  I think it was before, probably months before. I get to relive it’s treasured memories while making new ones.  My alarm went off at 0700 and am though that is three hours past my normal work alarm I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  My last tree nights of sleep  had been 4hrs, 4hrs, and 5.5hrs.  It was catching up with me.  We showered, dressed and checked out the continental breakfast.  Chad unknowingly had chosen  the hotel directly across the street from Southern Oregon University’s nursing program/building which made it a quick walk to class.  This class is called Helping Babies Breath (HBB) it is an American Academy of Pediatrics aproved class put in by Perinatal Rescue Network (PRN) a international ministry through Maranatha (I believe they are associated with the Assembly of God church).  They take groups of neonatal and obstetric passionate people who are trained to teach neonatal reccessitation to people who attend births in third world countries who do not have access to a lot of recourses or skilled health care workers.  With Rawanda and India being two of their main foci (there are several other places they have been). I am hoping to be able/available to help with these teaching groups when we get back from Alaska in September.  They have another class they also teach called Helping Mom’s Survive (HMS) that teaches ways to minimize risk/treat postpartum hemorrhage in these same resource limited/healthcare limited areas.  We will see if that is a door that opens for us.  I enjoyed the conversations with the senior nursing students who were taking the class as part of their schooling.  My best advise for new grads is to always do the right thing and be a hard worker and you will go far.  It is just like anything, short cuts and easy ways out of anything is a mirage… they never pay off.  There is a lot to be said for character and integrity.  

I loved this girl!  Who ever hires her will have an excellent nurse.  

Chad and I found a place called Happy Bowl for lunch.  We were headed to find tamales but pho shounded way better. 

Pho and boba tea for dessert.  It was a phenomenal lunch.  The skills lab after lunch was fun and class was done early.  Chad and I enjoyed walking around down town and sushi dinner. 

Salad sushi had asparagus in it as well as lettuce, cabbage, avacado, and real crab.  So fun.  I am enjoy g our one on one time for sure.  Part of me is ready to get home knowing we have such a short time to get everything together to head north. 

Chad bought the sign in the bag for our home for when we get settled back down here in a few more months.  Also Aunt Stephanie sent a photo of the kids enjoying camping. 

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