Last Day in California

I was put on call for my shift this morning, this time I did request it.  I didn’t want my cohort who had so kindly offered to come cover my last four hours to have to work after working for the last four shifts and half of the night.  She did ended up being on call her portion of the night.  I wanted to be closer to the hospital than Murrieta and so we talked about several different options.  Uncle Richard could drop me off at Starbucks 0.5 miles from the hospital so I could walk there if they called me.  We were trying to avoid having multiple cars in Banning as I was to go straight to the airport after work.  Uncle Richard didn’t want me to be sitting by myself all day even though I had several things I could be doing. ( I didn’t really either but I was willing). I knew the floor was kind of busy and could easily get busy enough to need me.  I was only 30 minutes away so we made that the plan.  The bonus being extra quality time with my Uncle.  I joked with him that we have had more quality time together in the last three months than the total of my life so far these last 33 years.  I will take it.  I never turn down extra family time.  We started with a blue ribbon breakfast where I opted to stay in the car and work on thank you notes. Followed up by two different city planning meetings that I was able to attend.  It was in one of these meetings this morning when I was texted that my coworker who had generously offered to cover my backside this afternoon had been called in.  I was a little confused as to why they hadn’t called me.  I was close and awake way early just to be available.  But they were being thoughtful.  Thinking that I was still tucked away in Fallbrook they wanted to save me the trip for only a few hours of work.  I was appreciative of their thoughtfulness and torn.  I didn’t want to give up my last few hours of my time as part of the San Gorgonio OB team and a chance to say goodbye to my coworkers, but I was so enjoying the one on one time with Uncle Richard that I think we were both in need of besides that he had just started a meeting that he was heading.  I took the opportunity to stay with Richard and am so thankful for Tracie being willing to go in early when they called her instead of me.  The picture/plaque is a going away gift that Marisa made for me last night.  I’m not sure when that girl sleeps.  Thank you Marisa I love it.  I told her the only thing missing is a picture of her and Uncle Richard. After the meetings this morning (including sneaking out with Marisa to go shoe shopping during one of the meetings…I bought the cute shoes below for Hannah Banana.  They are just her style) Uncle Richard was receiving quite a few messages from the local media about two of the main “stories” taking place.  We jumped in the patrol car and checked out the situations below.  It was fun to watch the media interviews I think Uncle Richard likes to have all the microphones pointed towards him.  Grandpa called while we were still at the fire to let me know he was in his way to pick me up to take me to the airport.  Hannah’s new shoes.  I’m excited to give them to her.  Below since the SBPD was so busy today we missed lunch.  Grandpa and I went to an early dinner of carne asada tacos and horchata shakes.  With a side of loquats that grandpa had picked today in Fallbrook.  We visited for a little while before he dropped me off. As ready as I am to see my husband and kids again I will miss Grandpa, Uncle Richard, Marisa, and all the people at San Gorgonio.  I’m going to miss this view from behind the Women’s Center too! ❤️I arived early into Medford at 1145pm.  So tired from my whole 4 hours of sleep in the last 40 hours.  But glad to be back in the arms of my husband.  We get to experience a rare treat of two nights and one day just us get away.  I do have a class tomorrow, but we plan on taking advantage of our little getaway.

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