Bear, Bear, Bear, Moose

The kids have been sleeping in lately.  We must have completely warn them out because since birth we have been unable to convince them to even sleep in until 0700 on a regular basis and it doesn’t matter how early it is if we are moving around they are up.  This morning it took breakfast to coax them out of bed around 0800.  Yesterday we had to as well. I wonder how long that will last.  The drive has been gorgeous.  The towns and gas stations have been getting farther and farther apart.  If you miss one it will be 90km to the next.  And just because there is a town doesn’t mean it has a hotel or restaurant in it.  Luckily gas stations and a hotel seem to be had by most.  We had planned to stop around 8:00pm but the hotel was more of a resort and it was nearly 12:00am before we found another. Oops it was light until after 11:00pm so it didn’t feel as late as it was anyway.  Our wildlife total today was 7 bears, one coyote, and one moose.  There was also one large hawk (I don’t know my hawks well and can’t tell you what kind it was).  

Poutine is a Canadian dish of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy.  We had them with our lunch.  The kids were a fan of the new dish. 

More pictures to come when we have better wifi.  We have been working on getting just these few pictures on here since I woke up 0550.  At this point we have to get on the road. 

We tried a few new foods the kids were pleased that the gas stations so far have taken their American money, they also have been pleased with the Canadian money they have been getting back as change. 

It was hard to take any pictures through all of the bug guts on the window.  We stopped frequently for gas never getting below 1/2 a tank, washing the window everytime we stopped and still lit was hardly see through. 

Instead I started taking pictures through the mirrors as they stayed bug free a little longer. 

We got into Dease Lake late.  It didn’t really get dark until around 11:00-11:30pm. 

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