Oh Canada

Oh Oregon, oh Washington, Oh Canada…it has been a good but long day.  Over six hundred miles of a long day. Not our longest day by far, but for getting started out of our house around 9:00am, terrible traffic through the Seattle area, and a boarder crossing we did pretty well. The scenery was amazing.  It was pooring down rain in Salem and cool through Washington but actually it Canada it was warm enough that we rolled the windows down and kept them down most of the drive until evening.  The boarder crossing was slow just because we had to wait our turn.  We had all of the right documents, and all of the right people, nothing suspicious and nothing to declare, so it was practically painless.  I kind of like Kilometers. With the speed limit of most roads at 100km/hour it is easy to calculate how long it will take us to get to that town that is 300km away.  100km is around 62/63 mph.  Gas hasn’t been too bad either.  We filled up in Washington for $2.64 which I wouldn’t consider to be great, but we have been told here in Canada it would be quite expensive.  We have seen it as low as $0.99 a liter.  There is 3.78 liters/gallon and $1.29 Canadian dollars/1 US dollar. So $0.99/liter is around $2.90 US dollars/gallon.  So far that is better than we expected.  

We have seen some wild life.  A white tailed dear along side the road,  a huge golden eagle perched on a log near the edge of a lake, also a moose.  We had just finished talking about how Chad was looking for moose but we hadn’t seen any moose crossing signs like there had been for deer, badger, and caribou. There were a ton of bear proof garbage cans so we were keeping eye out for them too when a big moose jumped the fence just in front of us and trotted toward the road.  We all were looking and pointing, exclaiming as the massive mamal screeched to a halt and turned.  She dove back over the fence like she had noticed those weird people in the car yelling and pointing at her and that is what spooked her. We couldn’t believe the timing of it all.  So glad she didn’t decide to continue toward the road and traffic.  

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