Geographic Center & Devil’s Tower

At our hotel in Belle Fourchet we noticed a pamphlet on Devil’s Tower.  It had not been on the agenda but was not far out of our way and would keep us on back roads instead of the freeway which usually makes for a more scenic drive.  Our fist stop though was the Geographic center of the Nation.  It moved from Kansas to South Dakota with the addition of Hawaii and Alaska.  The town is little almost the size of Kodiak in population but didn’t feel it.  The monument was fun.  

We could see the tower from pretty far away.  It looked bigger and more impressive from far away than up close maybe because geologically there was no other mountain, hill, butte, monolith anywhere else in sight that looked even slightly similar. 

When you first enter the park their are prairie dogs everywhere.  They are so cute and reminded me of my commute to Shiprock from Farmington where they lined the road and you had to dodge them so they would not be turned to pancakes early in the morning.The kids, inside the visitor’s center working on their Jr. Ranger home work. Can you see the climbers in the picture above!?! We loved just setting the kids free to climb the boulder pile below.  It was so fun, and the perfect way to get their energy out. 

 When we left Devils Tower we stopped in the town just below it.  They were having a car show.  Chad went to get lunch, Eve was not behaving so she stayed in the car and I stayed with her and Caleb abs Hannah took my phone and checked out the car show. It amuses me that there are so many car picture and that almost none of them have the whole car in the photo.  They had fun though.   It was fun to watch them stretch their wings a little.    

The rest of the day was a long drive across Wyoming to the boarders of the Tetons.  

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