Badlands & Mt. Rushmore

It was cold and rainy but that didn’t stop us from celebrating as we entered another new state.  This one made 50 for Chad and I with Montana still to come to make 50 for us all traveling as a family.  

Badlands was beautiful, so cold and so wet but beautiful. I thought we had left the rain and 50 degree weather in Alaska so maybe that is what made it feel extra cold, but sheesh.  Is it not still summer around here. 

These cuties had the traffic stopped going through the park. 

We went from the Badlands to Mt. Rushmore.  I had heard that it was less impressive in real life, but did not find that to be true.  What an amazing feat!!! 

There was a break in the clouds and rain.  It didn’t warm up but we felt comfortable enough to enjoy the marvel for longer. 

The museum was interesting for sure.  Hannah did the Jr. Ranger program which is her favorite thing to do.  Caleb is not a fan of doing the booklets like he was when we started out and Eve likes to do it but didn’t this time.  

The sun had started to set when we left.  We grabbed a few more pictures then enjoyed the brightest rainbow I have ever seen in my life.  A reminder of God’s promises to man. 

Under the rainbows are the Black Hills.

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