Barometer Mountain

We might be a little insane this short 2 miles each way walk has 2,500 foot elevation change that equals a 60 degree hiking angle so we were practically climbing straight up using not only our feet but clawing for hand holds as well.  I couldn’t believe it.  But, I knew other people had done it and we could too. With my feet still sore and the mole skins on, thick socks, hiking poles and my $10 Walmart tennis, we were ready. 

I think we were both thinking…what in the heck are we doing!?! 

It didn’t take long to see evidence of bears. 

Are you sure this is the way? 

This is about the point where we were wondering what we had gotten our selves into, giving eachother the out.  Neither one of us took it so we kept trekking upward.  The day was beautiful but cold if you stood still too long.  

It was a good thing we were all layered up.  

This is the angle we are climbing at!! 
We made it to the top!  Then we walked along the ridge a little ways.  The breeze was so cold!
The climb down was quicker but more treacherous.  I fell several times but managed not to slide too far which is a miracle.  We were glad to make it off the mountain in one piece.   

It was call for celebratory sushi at Powerhouse, after a shower that is.  Lyli joined us for the celebration. 

We were just glad to be walking.  

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