Cheryl Joined Our Party!

Sunday morning Cheryl, another travel nurse that both Tiffany and I worked with in Hilo HI, flew in from a visit home.  We met up with Cheryl and Lyli at Fly-by and visiting and catching up until church started at 11.  Church was good, it was my last Sunday as I will be working all of the upcoming weekend.  It is hard to say goodbye to everyone we have enjoyed it here and the church members have become family.  After church we met up with Cheryl again and got out to stretch our legs after barometer we needed to move to keep the stiffness at bay.  We hiked the Northend trail of near island around to the little adjoining island as it has an amazing view.  

Then I went home for a nap before work and Tiffany headed out with Cheryl with out me.  Work was good and I knew Tiff was in good hands.  They sent me pictures of their haul of sea glass that they found at the glass beach.  After work we all four of us met at Fly-by again.  Cheryl and Tiffany had been out driving looking for bears since 5:30AM.  After some coffee I took the van and parked it at our apartment so I could go sight seeing with them too.  Lyli is working my Monday and Tuesday.  We will miss her as we sight see but are so thankful that she was willing to trade so that I could hang out with Tiffany while she is here. Thank you Lyli! 

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