Tiffany Is Here

Thursday morning Tiffany came in Mike met me at the hospital with their van which was a life savor.  We could not say thank you enough for the use of the van.  I headed strait to the airport from work getting there shortly after Tiffany.  Instead of grabbing breakfast out we stopped in at Safeway and both picked out some groceries.  I was so excited to have cold cerial, cinnamon Chex is an amazing treat.  Then since we had both been up all night we headed home to catch up on sleep.  We met up with Lyli another L&D nurse here that has just gone staff but has been a long time traveler.  We all headed to the hospital after dinner and showed her around the place.  Lyli showed Tiffany around Kodiak while I worked, I was so thankful that she did.  They kept sending me picture of all of the fun they were having.  This made me so happy.  I didn’t want Tiff to have to sit around the house just because I had to work.  When I got off of work we met up with Lyli again and continued to check out the rest of the island.

After Java Flatts for breakfast Pillar was our first stop, then the harbor and Near Island North end trail to look for puffin.  
The water was perfectly still and reflective! 

My phone died so I couldn’t take any pictures…we probably pushed too far, but we managed to get Lyli home for a little nap before work.  I rested for a few hours too then we headed out to check out Menashka and part of Termination point trail. 

We needed to head back home and rest up for Barometer in the morning. 

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