Just A Walk Down To The Harbor & Back

I needed to have a health form printed and signed for school being carless I knew it would be a healthy walk 2.9 miles each way.  I had had Chad take my danskos and tennis shoes I had kept my flip flops and a cheaper pair of nursing clogs.  I decided to take my nursing clogs.  The jeans I was wearing were about ready to give up the ghost Ana before I had made it half way to the harbor I was regretting the decision to wear those shoes.  I had sores on both of my heals and major chafing from where my jeans had worn a holes in the upper inward thigh.  I bit my lip and continued on.  Getting my papers and then stopping at Harborside for a smoothly and to hear myself up for the long painful walk back.  I was hurting, carring my shoes and pulling my pants up in hr middle I’m sure I made for white the site.  The worst part was that I didn’t have it in me to walk to Walmart to by new shoes so I had to wear those same clogs for the next three days at work.  Walking to work in my flip flops then shuffling through each shift holding my breath as they were all three busy shifts.   I had to keep reminding myself that it was a beautiful day it didn’t rain on me the whole walk which it could have easily done.  Lyli was so nice to take me home from work so I didn’t have to make that walk and the Powers family was so nice to let me use their van so Tiffany and I won’t be on foot for her visit here. 

Besides being painful the walk was very beautiful.An awesome blood blister under the callus.  My heals were much better after some mole skin and thank goodness for leggings I am starting to walk a little better.  Those jeans and shoes found their way to the dumpster and I bought $10 tennis shoes at Walmart that have saved the day.  

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