Dad Visits Alaska! 

We had fun with Grandpa here, between work and spending time with him there was no time for blogging.  We visited the harbor on Near Island looking at the boats and checking out the sea lions.  It was peak fishing season so a lot of the boats were out. 

After the boat harbor we checked out sea plane harbor.  With in a half an hour of arrival we were able to watch about 9 planes take off.  Later we found out that they had been on hold for the weather to clear and had just been given the go ahead.  We felt so lucky to have been witness to the amazing sight.  

One of the days he was here we snuck out of the house early when I got home from work, then we had breakfast at Java Flatts and picked fireweed blossoms to make more jelly.  I may be slightly obsessed with making fireweed jelly… It is so darn yummy. 
We took our blossoms home and made jelly, jello, and just dried some for tea or other things later.  Thanks Jessica for letting us used your fruit dryer. 

I didn’t really like how the jello turned out there was to much flavor and sugar and a hint of the bitterness that the tea has by it’s self.  One of my favorite things here is beach bonfires, one of the nights dad was here we carried a pile of wood to Gibson’s Cove and enjoyed the beautiful view while roasting our reindeer sausage and marshmallows over the fire.  

We did a lot of just hanging out. 

He liked the touch tanks and learning about the different kinds of fishing boats.  We went berry picking, a church BBQ, and we got to celebrate my birthday all together. 

Gotta love those wild Alaskan blueberries!  Dad and I stayed up late watching the sun go down over Mill Bay and then got up early and drove all over looking for bears which allowed us to watch the sun come back up in the Flatts. 

However we did not see any bears.  

We snuck in one last play date with the Walton girls. 

 I was sad to see everyone leave on the 2nd and was relieved that they made it into Homer in one piece.  

It was crowded so they ended up on the top thank goodness it wasn’t too rainy.  From work that night I recieved this photo via text… They all dad included got to see the Aurora Borealis.  I’m so jealous but also so happy for them.  

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