Camping, Kodiak 2016

We have all the right stuff I don’t know why we haven’t gone camping before.  It was the perfect day for it.  Pastor Tim and his wife Becky had offered some fire wood if we ever needed it for a beach bonfire or camping so we messaged them and were able to visit with them for a few minutes and pick up some wood on the way out towards Chiniak.  The sun was out it was supposed to be a whopping 73 degrees and I’m heading it got hotter than that.  Because at 11:00pm when we went to bed it was 66 degrees still and was only supposed to get down to 61 degrees overnight.  We could hear the whoosh whoosh whoosh of the surf crashing agains the shore as well as the trickle of the stream passing by our camp site.  The birds sang the evening and most of the morning away.  We were so glad that even in our minimalist packing we make room for our backpacking camping gear, sleeping bags, and two backpacking tents.  Thank goodness for driftwood logs that double as a bench and are plentiful on the beach. 

 After dinner we hiked up the beach to check out some WWII bunkers up the beach a little ways. 

A little mung bean noodles and phó broth makes for a good dinner. 

It is hard to capture the view in these photos. 

The bunker art is usually dark, they need to do bright and cheerful bunker art. 

I should have gotten up and checked out the sunrise better.  What I saw from the tent was pretty spectacular though.  

We packed up late, afternoon.  The kids states that when they came out of their tent in the morning there was a mother and baby deer in camp that were so cute.  The kids would have loved to stay for several more days and even I was sad we couldn’t have stayed another day.  We would have been awefully short on food if we had stayed one more day.  We didn’t bring our cooler on this trip and we were missing it.  We stopped on our way home at Java Flats and picked up lunch then sat on the beach by sometimes island and ate our sandwiches.  We picked some more fireweed blossoms enough to make another batch of jelly then headed on home.  A shower was in order.  After we were all clean and less smoky smelling we headed over to Near Island.  We have been spending a lot of time on the little island that adjoins Near Island.  This time we wanted to check out the rotary park, I was hoping there would be a new fun beach, but instead we found a gazebo and a whole bunch more salmon berries.  

We made our second batch of fireweed jelly when we returned home and more fruit leather out of the salmon berries.  We had quite a bit of berries left over so we enjoyed them over vanilla ice cream as dessert before bed. So yummy. 

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