Windy Sunny Day At The Beach

We are really starting to feel the days slip away from us.  My dad will be here to visit in just a few days we are all eagerly counting down, but in the other hand I know that that means I have only two more weeks here with my family before they start the journey home.  I will eventually get to fly to catch up with them giving me four weeks total left here in Kodiak but just as the first 9 weeks have sped by the next four weeks will go twice as fast.  As ready as we are to be home we don’t want to wish any of our time here away.  Today was more of a contemplative day at the beach.  The kids had been requesting to go back to Menashka (white sands beach) a they had so much fun climbing on the rocks the first time we went.  This time the tide was way in.  I was suprised at how high it was.  We couldn’t climb out to the rocks and wouldn’t be able to for a while.  Eve quickly found a friend, Hannah worked on building a stone house,  Chad and Caleb went exploring in opposite directions and I took a nap in the sun.  

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