Berry-dise (think paradise)

​Berrydise this is what Hannah has been calling our Kodiak home away from home we are surrounded by wild blueberries, salmon berries and fireweed all which are plants that the locals use for food.  They are so delicious and we have been taking advanatage of the proximity.  We have been making all kids of jams and jellies for one, as well as fruit leather and drying leaves for fireweed tea.  So fun, no wonder Hannah renamed our apartment here.  Below are Russian berries we actually picked those on near island.we forgot to have Eve change into her play clothes before we left the house.  She had been walking in deep mud with her flip flops. 😬

From right to left & top to bottom we have Wild Alaskan blueberry jam, fireweed jelly, Russian Berry jam, and Salmon Berry jam.  We have tast tested them all and they all pass the test. 

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