4th of July, 2016

After being awake way too long, like way way too long my back ached in the night. It was not nearly as restful as I had hoped it would be.  I made Chad promise to wake me up at noon which he did do.  A crowbar would have come in handy when it came time to actively trying to be awake and get my fuzzy brain rolling.  I ended up checking email, Instagram, Facebook and making a video on google photos before I felt like I could get up and face the day.  One look in the mirror and I knew my body was not convinced.  The bags under my eyes were impressive and my eyes were slightly red which completed the look.  Lol.  It is a good thing I know Chad’s love for me is not based on my appearance and for sure God’s love is not I don’t take too many other peoples opinions to heart.  I had an egg salad sandwich for breakfast/lunch and then got Eve all ready to go while Chad, Caleb, and Hannah walked to the store.  Eve went out and picked salmon berries bringing in the biggest and best ones to share with me. I am one blessed mama.  When the big kids returned with Chad we hopped in the car and went for an afternoon drive out to Anton Larson Bay.  We had not intended to drive that far.  We had intended to go just until Baskin Lake, but some how we drove right past it with out recognizing it.  My dad will love that road. We have it on the must do list for his visit.  

Alaskan drive through!  Chad is picking salmon berries out his window. 

We got back into town a little late so instead of the dinner we had planned we tried out a restaurant down town that has been calling our name for about 6 weeks now. 

It was awesome!  Caleb had the calamari steak burger which was a huge grilled squid steak, I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  It was delicious too. Chad had a cod sandwich, Hannah had a smoked salmon, cream cheese and crackers appetizer plate, Eve had a personal pizza, and I enjoyed the large perfectly done scallops.  Then, we settled in on the couch in our apartment to watch “Herbie The Love Bug.” 

Eve had an extra loose tooth.  We joked with her that she had to get it pulled out before her birthday.  I can’t believe when we wake up in the morning our baby will be 6 years old. 

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