Eve is 6

It was misty when we woke up this morning.  It had rained all night making us quite glad that we had let off our fireworks a day early as it would not have been nearly as fun in the rain.  Eve was looking extra grown up this morning, but had a bit of an entitled attitude that almost bought her a morning of quiet time in her room good thing it was short lived.  She had requested pancake, eggs, and bacon for breakfast then the kids put on “101 Dalmatians” a movie she had been given for her birthday.  After the movie we straitened up the house and all dressed all the while discussing what our plans might be for the day.  Eve proclaimed that she was going to be the one to pick, but instead of telling us what she wanted to do she said.  “The only thing is I don’t want to go hiking on my birthday.” Okay.  We had a skewer to return to the Blacks that had been picked up when we left the beach Sunday night.  So we moseyed on over to near island to return the skewer.  They weren’t home so we text them a message, and left the skewer.  Then we asked Eve if she wanted to walk to the end of the big docks to check out the sea lions and she said no, but by the time we had walked up the dock a little ways back toward our car she had changed her mind.  We turned and walked back toward the end of the big docks.  We had walked the docks before but had never made it to the very end.  We joked with Chuck and Donna that we were going to sell our house and buy a boat to live on sending them this picture. 

I like the name of this boat especially when paired with it’s skiff. 

We let Eve go with out her sling today for the first time.  It was filthy and I had washed it, she seemed to be doing well with out it, so we let her go slingless.  We watched the sea lions for a while Caleb called the large male King Burpo and kept barking back at him.  The were just far enough away that binoculars would have been nice, but the car was a little too far to run back after them. 
We were almost all the way back to our car when the Rich and Corrie pulled up. We let them know we left the skewer on the door handle on their boat and asked them if they would be interested in some chocolate cake.  Eve had brought her birthday cake with the thought to share it with our fellow chocolate cake loving friends.  Corrie had some candles so Eve was able to blow the candles out.  Her wish she said out loud.  She wished that we would all become princesses and princes.  So sweet of her.  Cake and coffee/hot chocolate hit the spot.  

​We visited until nearly 7:00pm.  The kids made themselves at home, with Eve climbing up to the cockpit (That isn’t what it is called on a boat but I don’t know the proper name) then letting herself down into the cabin through a little trap door, and Hannah taking a nap on one of the bunks.  I probably worried a little bit too much about wearing out our welcome with staying too long or the kids getting too comfortable, but no one seemed to mind and I’m pretty sure we all were having fun. What a blessing this new friendship has been.  We came home and watched “Happy Feet” and ate pizza as Eve had requested for her birthday dinner.  Happy Birthday Eve Alessandra Owens we could not imagine life with out you spunky, spirited, glass half full girl. 

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