Fossil Beach

We found the end of the road today.  It had been recommended by an OB/charge nurse to go to fossil beach and where they encourage you to chisel out a fossil to take home.  We stopped at Walmart and picked up two $0.78 flat head screw drivers and two $3.00 hammers so the kids could chisel out their fossils.  We also finally purchased a can of bear spray.   Instead of turning left toward Chiniak like we did last time we turned right and headed toward the launch site past Pasagshak recreation site where there is a really cute community.  The fossils where easy to find and we also enjoyed the heard of bison that roamed free at the end of the road.  We saw several bald eagles that I didn’t even try to get pictures of but when we saw one sitting in a nest I had to try.  

There are soft sponge everywhere. Can you see the fossils?

This little worm was fun to watch squirm around. Here is a picture of the end of the road and the bison. 

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